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Life Lessons I Learnt from Africa Accident | Samuel Leeds

In this week’s inspiring video, we hear from Samuel Leeds for the very first time since his terrifying ordeal in Africa. Whilst away on a charity mission trip with family, colleagues and Academy members to Uganda, Samuel had an accident whilst white water-rafting, which resulted in him shattering his knee cap and losing 25% of his blood... However, Samuel being Samuel, has only responded positively from this experience, including taking away four very important life lessons. So, keep reading to find out what…

  1. SHARE THE BURDEN Samuel felt a huge sigh of relief after sharing the news from his doctor that he could potentially ‘never walk properly again’ following his accident. Instead of suffering in silence, Samuel found that by sharing the news with his family, friends and followers across social media, he had over 150 stories (some miracle stories!) and comments, full of help, support and positivity! Don’t suffer in silence. Solve your own problem by talking to somebody else about it!

  2. REMAIN POSITIVE Don’t choose to believe every, single, piece of negative news you receive. Don’t. This will majorly affect your day to day mood and become unhealthy for you. If you begin to believe every negative thing you’re told, that can become a reality, Samuel says. Your mental attitude can affect you physcially. If you mentally don’t believe in yourself that you can get better and remain positive, your body will respond in the same way.

  3. SEEK COUNCIL It is EXTREMELY important to find the best people/experts in the particular field to help you with your problem. Samuel got in contact with doctors and expert surgeons in relation to his injury, which enabled him to realise the extremity of his injury and to get back to the UK as soon as possible! Without reaching out, things had the posibility to take a turn for the worst! Find people around you that have got the answers!

  4. MAKE IT HAPPEN You, yes YOU, are responsible for your own life and destiny. Samuel emphasises how you have to work hard and make things happen in any negative situation you find yourself in. Although he found himself being treated in the Ugandan hospital as opposed to being looked after, he didn’t except his fate and used all the lessons from above to help him get home and as you’ll see in the video, make his first trip back to the office since the accident!

To see the full discussion with brother and business partner Russell Leeds, along with two friends, take a look at the video below!

Everyone from the Samuel Leeds office wishes Samuel a speedy recovery!

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