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Observe the Ant!

If the wisest man who ever lived, Solomon, advises us to consider the ways of the ant, then I suggest we should do it. Samuel himself, with some help from Jim Rohn, has done a study on ants and we will be concluding the TOP 3 LESSONS Samuel found, which have gone on to serve him well... Check them out below!

1. Ants never quit.

If an ant is on a journey only to be blocked by a wall, it will go around the wall. If it cannot get around it, it will go the other way. If that fails it will begin to climb over the wall. Only after becoming clear that it is impossible to get over the wall, will the ant begin to dig under the wall. Finally, if all else fails, the ant will relentlessly dig through the wall. The ant does NOT quit! The only time to quit something good is to replace it with something great. Many people will try and persuade you to quit and give you other ideas and projects to work on. Do not be swayed by the wind. Once you have been assigned your God-given mission, do not quit! It is normal to feel like quitting sometimes but be like the ant and relentlessly find a way to make it happen. Join Jim Rohn and be able to say,

“This is my mountain and I am getting to the top. You are either going to see me dead at the side or waving from the top because I am not going back!”

2. Ants work together

An ant on its own is pretty insignificant. Ants working together can move rocks. If you want to see teamwork in its most brilliant sense then search on Youtube for ‘ants working together’ and you’ll be AMAZED as to the magnificent teamwork that happens amongst ants. Each ant has its own specific role but they have one mission. Like ants, humans are pretty insignificant too, when alone, but when two or three together agree on a common purpose then nothing can stop them.

Next, the ant does not say, “What can the others do for me?”
But rather, “What can I do for others?”

In the same way, we should always ask what we can give, not what can we get. Don’t ask what your country can do for you, but ask what you can do for your country. Don’t ask what your church can do for you, but what can you do for your church. This philosophy is applicable to all of life, even in a marriage. If people went into marriage to give, there would not be a 50% chance of divorce. It would probably be closer to 0%.

3. Ants think ahead

In the summer when everybody else is resting, the ant is preparing for the winter. In the winter when everybody is working and moaning in the cold, the ant knows that the summer is on its way.

When you are in the dry seasons and the clouds are heavy, can you see the ray of sunlight shining through the clouds? When you are in the valleys, can you lift your eyes to the hills and know that summer is on the way?

Alternatively, when things are prospering, have you the wisdom to put aside a percentage for the winter seasons? When life is rosy, have you the compassion to mourn with a suffering friend?

When Joseph was the Prince of Egypt, he had the wisdom to put aside one-seventh of the nations wealth for when there would be famine. This is how the ant thinks too. Ants work hard but they also work smart.

If you work hard and smart with a never quitting mentality while working in a team, you will change history... ________________________________________________________________________________________ Did you find this blog helpful? Has this way of thinking ever helped you in life? This is just one of the thought-processes which Samuel has put down to his success! Leave your comments below, we'd LOVE to hear them!

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