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Run a Good Business

Updated: Jul 12, 2018

You may not currently run a business but I (Samuel Leeds) suggest that you probably do. However, if the world of business is really not what God has called you to do, then in this chapter you can replace the word ‘business’ with ‘enterprise’, ‘project’, ‘ministry’ or even ‘influence’.

We are going to be looking at the book of Acts and learning from how they set up the early church and what systems and principles they put in place. There were four fundamental principles they used and if you follow these same principles today, it will completely revolutionise the effectiveness of your business.

Is the book of Acts really applicable to business? Yes.

The Christian church began with just a dozen or so people. They put into practise these four principles and within just a matter of months it went from around a dozen, to hundreds and hundreds of thousands. Would you like to gain an additional few hundred thousand clients, followers or sterling pounds to your business? It is recorded in the book of Acts that within a matter of months, the disciples “turned the world upside down”.

They were highly effective Christians.

Before we explore these four points, do you think it is distasteful taking the early church and the book of Acts, and stealing these principles in order to try and grow our businesses? Is this a little twisted and would Jesus be happy with us doing it? Before you answer that, remember that we cannot separate the secular and the spiritual, because everything is spiritual. The principles that should be applied for the spiritual, are the exact same that should be applied for the practical. It is very easy to have a mindset that says,

‘This is spiritual, but this over here, is practical. On one side are the principles for our faith, and the other are the principles for our business.’

However, the bible is active and living. It is useful on all accounts and is our manual for life. So, on that basis I do not think that it is distasteful to learn about business from the book of Acts.

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