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We have FINALLY found out!


Just a short blog today from the Samuel Leeds office, and what a past couple of days it has been!

Not only have we recently found out that Samuel Leeds and his beautiful wife Amanda are expecting a baby, but the gender was also revealed!

A wow, what a reveal it was!

Recently, whilst Samuel was teaching a group of over 60 people at the 'Deal Finding Extravaganza and Never Use Your Own Money Again' advanced training course, Amanda went to her 20-week scan to find out the gender of their soon to be second child...

As Samuel excitedly awaited the news, Amanda made her way ON STAGE to reveal all!

We don't want to spoilt such a beautiful moment too much, as words really won't do it justice, but watch the video below to see the special moment... (and Samuel's expression!)

From ALL the team at the Samuel Leeds Office - CONGRATULATIONS and we can't wait to meet the little 'fella'...

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