Property Vision of Nurse Abi!

Abi Pattison has battled a brain tumour since she was a child, which affected her physical and mental health.

Grace Hammond reports.

A York woman who has battled a brain tumour since childhood decided to quit her career as a nurse and took up property development. 

Twenty-seven-year-old Abi Pattison, who grew up in Leeds, was diagnosed when she was just nine. 

She lost part of her left side peripheral vision following a second operation to remove the tumour five years later. 

It grew back three times and she had to have radiotherapy. 

The tumour still affects her on a daily basis, and she has yearly check- ups. She also developed depression and anxiety, forcing her to give up work for a few months. 

Despite this, Abi is determined to make the most of her life and the world of property has opened up new horizons. 

With her fiancé, Ben Deighton, she now owns a sourcing business, tracking down property opportunities with a return on investment of at least 20 per cent. 

Together, they have built up a list of more than 1,000 investors who are offered their deals in exchange for a finder’s fee. 

Ben, 26, and Abi have also begun renting out two furnished apartments and a three-bedroom house as holiday homes. They pay the landlords an agreed amount and let out the accommodation in York on a per night basis to tourists and families, netting a profit of around £20,000 per month. 

The couple, who are due to marry next month, say their lives were transformed after attending a crash course, run by a 28 year old self-made millionaire Samuel Leeds. Abi left her job as a registered nurse back in January and has never looked back.

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