Top tips for HMOs in the UK

HMOs in the UK

In this video, Samuel is going to be revealing the kind of information which he really shouldn't. It's personal and it's business. All of his mentors tell him to keep things private but he refuses because he wants transparency. He wants to be open and honest with you guys. He starts by speaking about his HMOs in the UK. If you want some top tips for HMOs in the UK, you should watch this video. Samuel bought three HMOs in the UK in 2019, two in Birmingham (4 and 6 bed) and one in Doncaster (4 bed).

He doesn't like getting 5 bed HMOs because you need a license and so you might as well get 6 bedrooms. 7 bedroom properties are also a no-no because you need planning permission. The sweet spot is therefore 4 or 6 bed. He bought in Birmingham because Article 4 is coming to the city in June 2020. What is article 4? Watch this So, how much did Samuel pay for his HMOs and what's his ROI? Find out by watching!

Single-Let Properties

Samuel also invests in single-let properties. His ambition was to purchase 6 in 2019 but that number turned into 8. Two of the purchases turned out to be cheap properties which he added value to and refinanced. The other 6 are houses which he is building from scratch in Lincoln. It's a joint venture which means his partner is taking on much of the leg work. Samuel's involvement is investment. How much did he pay? What will his ROI be? Find out!

Now, most of you will have heard about his castle, bought in 2018. In 2019, over £500,000 was invested to deal with all the issues. Problems included a rare species of bat, Japanese knotweed, invasive trees and a leaky roof. Now, everything is sorted. Lots of time and money has been spent on the planning and structure of the property. In August 2020, the castle will be opened as a show-home for the first time. Maybe you will be one of the first tenants?

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