10 Questions You Always Wanted To Ask a Multi-Millionaire – Samuel & Amanda Leeds

Samuel Leeds

10 Questions You Always Wanted To Ask a Multi-Millionaire – Samuel & Amanda Leeds

Hey everyone. I am Samuel Leeds with my wife Amanda. Welcome back to our channel. Today, we have some interesting questions that people like to ask to the millionaires. We decided to answer all those ten questions and it will be fun. Although I haven’t read those ten questions yet, we will do it together in this video. Before starting to answer those questions, I asked Amanda to share the update of the week, how was it? She said as usual the week has been very busy and good too. We started off with a crash course and we really enjoyed it after a long time getting back to the live events. 

We did it in London, Birmingham, Swindon, Portsmouth and our next stop is Manchester then finally Leeds which is Amanda’s hometown. She is very excited to go there. When we first met, Amanda said that she is from Leeds, I was surprised and said that’s my surname, what a coincidence. Well, coming to the week update, other than doing crash courses, we were busy refurbishing and managing properties and all sorts of stuff. So, it is how our whole week went, even me and Amanda didn’t get time with the kids as well. 

Now let’s move on to the question answer session and see what people are asking.

How has having so much money affected your personality?

Amanda answered this question that being honest having money has not affected her personality. In fact it has made her more kind and generous that she has something to give to others. She shared one of her memories that she went on a girl’s trip where her friend Magon said to her that she has not changed after becoming rich like not into too much branded stuff or something like that made her show off. Amanda said she is very humble and I agreed to her because she has a down to earth personality. 

According to Amanda, money should not change your personality however it brings changes to your standards or living style. Like when Amanda went on a girl’s trip in Barcelona before marriage, they lived in a cheap hotel and tried to save for further stops. But after marriage when me and Amanda went to Barcelona, we lived in a very expensive hotel, spending so much money on different things. It is because we can afford it but it doesn’t mean that it changes our personality. 

Amanda said that she never sees a change in my personality. She said I am always giving and I think money brings freedom and relaxation if you know its value. But if you have always thought of doing wrong things or have made you more greedy then it definitely affects your character. So, standards may change after having money but personality should not be changed. 

Do men hit on you or women hit on me just because we are wealthy?

Well I don’t think so I have any woman hitting on me. Same goes with Amanda, she said she never came across this situation. But Amnada is surprised that a girl never hit on me as I am good looking and handsome. But what I believe is, it depends on you as well if you give a clue to someone then she will be more attracted towards you. But to be very honest no woman or girl gets attracted to me. I have been into these kinds of things also, I don’t like going to club parties and splashing money and making friends. I just focus on my business and I don’t have much time to waste in these stupid things

I have seen many videos on Youtube where a man was pranked in the expensive car and the girl came and started talking to him like she wants to be friends with him. They show girls are gold diggers but I think these videos are fake and scripted. I mean I have an expensive car but this never ever happened to me. This is completely rubbish. 

Are you jealous of people who have more money than you?

Not at all, says Amanda. She said wealthy people inspired her how they became so rich. She wants to know their story of success. For me I also never ever get jealous because there are a lot of people that have more money than me. I believe in myself and I became a millionaire at the age of 25 which is too young to become a millionaire which not everyone can achieve. So, this is my achievement but when I see someone younger than me become a millionaire then it is surely a weird feeling for me. It is not like I am getting jealous but yeah the feelings are a bit awkward. When I see someone richer than me but he is twice my age then it is totally fine because he gained this after a long time. 

There are two people, one is at Gym shark and another kid named Stepehen Bartlett, they made me think that they are younger than me and became a millionaire? The feeling is not good man. It somehow motivates me also and it is not jealousy but it just gives me a thought that I am thinking of myself the best but there are other people who proved that I am not the only one. So, it’s fine. 

Are you worried about losing your fortunes?

Amanda said that she somehow has a fear because nobody knows what future holds so a thought would develop but then she said for her, family is more important no matter the situation. And yeah I agree with her family is everything and I don’t mind living in a small house with a normal car. It is completely fine because as far as we are happy, this is all that matters. However, during the pandemic we have been through a very tough time as our training program events were taking place and we were at a huge loss. We sold our houses to feed our staff and all the stuff. It was a very difficult time for us, but we went through it. So, things will come around, all you have to do is stay united with your family and keep struggling. I believe that fortune is not in my bank but in my mind. We need to think positively and work harder. Things will fall under your favour for sure and if not then stay firm till the end and be happy. 

Have you ever bribed anyone?

Upon asking this question, Amanda was like only when she was in Zimbabve. That surprised me and I asked her what was the reason to which she said, a policeman was stopping her on the road for no reason so she bribed him. She said the police officers usually stop people for no reason but for the bribe because they are not paid enough. 

I found out the definition of bribe from the internet and it says, dishonest persuasion or to act on faith by giving money – this is the verb definition. The noun definition of bribe is a sum of money or other inducement offered or given to bribe someone. Amanda said that she did a noun bribe. That sounds funny but she explained that it is like if she wants her tenant to move out from her property and if they don’t agree on it then she bribed her. She basically offered them some money to leave the property. It is legal and the word incentive here is more preferable than bribe. 

Because it is my property and if the tenant does not agree to move out then offering them some money to get out won’t hurt any of us. It is somehow we say a legal bribe and I think it is going on everywhere like I went to the salon for a massage and I asked them to give me a triple session, they said we don’t do triple sessions sorry. But I gave them more money and guess what? They did it. So, what do we call it? Whatever we want to do, we just pay people and they do it for you. We can say it is not a bribe but incentivized. 

Do you pay your taxes?

Of course, we do pay. My wife said that our tax is a lot. She meant that people don’t even earn this much a year that we paid as tax. She is talking about our company. I think it requires smartness which I believe we don’t have. That's why we pay too much tax. I advise everyone to pay their taxes as it is necessary. Also, the government also has incentives for the people tof give relief. Like, Amanda is interested in buying an electric car which is tax-free so it is an incentive. The government is paying for it effectively. 

Why do you think not everyone is as rich as you are? 

We believe that opportunities do not come to everyone. You have to struggle, work hard, but many people are not into it. They are not prepared or they don’t want to do it. Risk is the biggest thing in my thoughts. People don’t take any risk, they just want things to get back to them easily. One of the reasons for becoming rich is I took many risks, I invested in many properties to get good results. It is fine if things do not fall in your favor but you have to keep going on and it surely gives a hit back to you someday. Take classes, get knowledge, and take risks for a better outcome. Enjoy what you do. 

If you walk past a homeless person, how much do you give them?

Amanda says that she never gives them money but she will buy something for them. It can be food or anything they want. She will ask them what they want. That’s good. What I do if I walk past a homeless person, I will go with my gut feelings or intuition like if I find something in the person I might be gonna sit with him for ten or 20 minutes. I might give him some pounds also. Many people said that they shouldn't give money to these homeless people because they spend it on drugs. 

They are right but me and Amanda are already running a charity which helps many homeless people so yeah we are already giving our money there. Listen to your intuition because there are many people who will scam you in the name of being poor. I saw it in Africa, you can see in Youtube videos as well where people are pretending that they have no leg or hand or any organ and begging for money. They all are fake. They just play with your emotions and nothing else. It is better to research how and where you can give money. This way your money will go to the right person who deserves it. 

We also did the same in Zambia where we are going to build the water wells after gathering the whole community. We are also going to partner with their government for the better help of the people. The charities are just doing businesses with the people’s money like you don’t know how they are spending and all. There are manys stories, we will do another video on this someday. If you people want us to do a video on this topic then let us know in the comment section. 

Wrap Up!

My wife Amanda said the word of wisdom by sharing the quote of Grant Cardone’s book:

‘You will not find the path to your purpose in your comfort zone.’ So, the goal of sharing the quote is, you need to come out of your comfort zone if you really want to grow. Think out of the box and prove the world you can do everything. Hope you enjoy the video, don’t forget to subscribe to our Youtube channel. See you, take care bye!

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