Raising Finance and Joint Venture - Online

This programme will teach you many different ways of raising capital through angel investors, loan agreements, joint venture partnerships, mortgage companies and more.

Week One – 11 Lessons

01. Work Money Hard
02. Raise Money Smart
03. Know The Risks
04. Know The Potential
05. Mortgage Lenders Enquire About The Deposit
06. Bridging Finance Possibilities
07. The Hypocrisy Of The Banks
08. Buy To Hold
09. Buy To Sell
10. Buy To Refinance
11. Desperation Gets Expensive

Week Two – 6 Lessons

12. 5 Types Of Raised Finance
13. Secured Loans
14. Unsecured Loans
15. Guaranteed Loans
16. Untapped Monies
17. Handouts

Week Three – 8 Lessons

18. Armchair Investing
19. Your GIFT To Investors
20. The G.I.F.T.S. Formula
21. Get Them Asking
22. Initiate The Idea
23. Find Their Interest
24. Third Party Selling
25. Send The Opportunity

Week Four – 14 Lessons

26. Friends and Family
27. Personal Bank Loan
28. Don't Commit Mortgage Fraud
29. Business Loans
30. Home Equity
31. Pensions
32. Sell Home And Rent Instead
33. Credit Cards
34. Danger Of Payday Loans
35. Selling Possessions
36. Crowdfunding
37. Business Income
38. Savings
39. Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

You will be given lifetime access to the course and if anything changes will we change the course material to reflect those changes. So rest assured you’ll always be bang up to date.

It’s designed to take 4 weeks but you can work through the modules at your own speed.

You can start immediately, as the training is online you can fit the training around your schedule. You’ll also be granted lifetime access so that you can work at your own pace.

The cost of the programme is £1995 (including all taxes) 

This includes the Step-by-Step Manual and Contract Pack

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