How To Find Rent2Rent Deals! Winning £200 for 52 Leads!

It’s a lot easier than many people think to find Rent2Rent deals. I often therefore challenge my students to find leads live at events. Nick and Jason found 52 Rent 2 Rent deals while at the crash course. It just goes to show how many opportunities are out there, and it just takes hard work and determination to get them!

Here’s how they did it. If you follow along, you can do exactly the same thing yourself!

The Challenge

A lot of people think Rent 2 Rent deals are ‘too good to be true’ or that they are hard to find. So I challenged a group of my students at a crash course to find leads. They split up into pairs and the team that found the most leads would win £100 each.

The point of the challenge, of course, isn’t the £200. The point is to get the students taking action that could lead to real world deals. Many of my students find deals at the crash course, which is free (minus a £1 booking fee) even if they never decide to take up any paid education with the company. I really love doing this as it allows me to give back to the community who have followed and supported me on YouTube.

How to Find Rent2Rent Leads

Nick and Jason found 52 potential rent to rent deals and won the challenge. This is how they did it.

They started on OpenRent which is a website which allows you to contact landlords directly, rather than going through an estate agent. This is often a better way to get rent to rent deals, as individual landlords are more open to receiving a guaranteed rent. It is also possible to do this with letting agents, which opens up more opportunities, but is normally harder to do. If you are just starting out, it may be worth trying landlords first.

Nick and Jason explained that they looked in cities including Edinburgh, Nottingham and Glasgow. They looked for tourist areas, but also areas where people look for serviced accommodation for work trips.

How To Turn Rent2Rent Leads Into Deals

Sometimes people think that once they have found the leads they need to research them before contacting the landlords. They say, ‘Oh I don't want to message anybody; I need to do due diligence first’. However, there's no point doing half an hour's worth of due diligence on one property, only to message them just to get told, ‘It's gone!’.

So what you want to do is message all of them. If you have 52 leads like Nick and Jason; it might be that for 10 of them the landlord doesn't even respond; for 10 of them the landlord responds and says, ‘It's gone’; for 10 of them the landlord responds and then finds out you want to do a corporate let (i.e. a rent to rent agreement) and says ‘no’; 10 of them are rubbish and 12 of them are really decent and out of those 12, 2 of them end up working out and becoming actual deals!

Imagine each deal brings in about £500-1,000 per month profit, not bad for a small bunch of leads, eh? Imagine getting that every single month from a property that you do not own – that's what happens when you learn to find these deals.

Nick and Jason’s Thoughts

Nick said, “So as you can see, we've got quite a bit of money in our hands [holding up the prize]. What happened was, we were told to find several leads live at this event, which is crazy. So not only are we learning, we're actually applying the knowledge straight away and actually getting rewarded for it as well”.

Jason added, “We're surprised to see how many leads are out there in a short period of time on the short amount of training that we've had.”

So, had these guys found leads before coming on the training?

Jason said, “This is the first time I've done it”. Nick added “Yeah, not like this, normally you're not as motivated, but coming here and being around people that want the same thing is such a big motivation.”

Jason said, “Well anybody can do it, I mean this is my first day and I've just done it!”

Nick added, “Yeah, sometimes you just need that time limit just to crack on and go do it, and be around people who are doing great things as well and you'll be fine.”

Next Step

If you want to be the next Nick and Jason, why not book a place on our crash course. It’s free! Places are always very limited, so book now to avoid disappointment.

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