21 Years Old and Making £4,000 Per Month | Winners on a Wednesday #25

James Armstrong has built a burgeoning reputation as a trusted property sourcer using his quick wit and a keen eye for property.   At 21 years of age, he is earning £4,000 a month from sourcing exceptionally deal with hungry property investors.

James came across Samuel Leeds at a networking event here he heard Samuel divulge about property and the benefits that comes with it.  After reading Samuel’s books James decided to attend the crash course.

Still only 19 and with not a lot of finances after attending the free crash backed by his job as an electrician James was able to self-fund himself through some advanced training, such as the DFE which he enrolled on as using the installment plan.

After completing the DFE the next step was joining the Property investor’s Academy. This came at a cost but knowing the true value of being educated and what it could do for him. He took out a loan to help fund his journey through the academy.

As the success poured in he was able to quit his job and go full time in property. The strategy that James as been able to utilize to his success has been property sourcing.  Specializing in the bespoke sourcing where he will take the time to sit with his investors and find out specifically what they are looking for.

James believes the foundation of investing is in sourcing if you are able to source properties successfully. You will have no issue being able to use any of the other strategies in property.

For any potential investors, the best advice that both Samuel and James can attest to is staying educated. Read all the books and invest in the available training. Let the world know that you’re a property investor if through social media or networking.

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