Property Investment Tips for Beginners!

Mentoring Monday is back and this week’s video Samuel presents 5 property investments tips for people who are just starting out.  Following these tip and applying them to your property adventure will help you focus and achieve your goals.

Set Goals – No matter what you do you should always have set goals and targets. These will help you achieve your overall mission. It will also help you remain focus and take everything more serious as you’ll know what you are trying to accomplish.

Tell the World – Never be ashamed of what you are doing let the world know. Putting your goals into the universe it can be reciprocated with positive energy.  It can also help you remain accountable.

Networking – Creating friendships and business contacts that all share the same goals and mind set as yourself will benefit you. You could potentially find a future mentor and a support circle that is nothing but positive. In order to be successful, you will need to be amongst other successful people.

Unlearn – Sometimes to move forward you will need to go back and unlearn everything you know. At times we have been taught and conditioned to neglect information that may actually help us.

Property Sites – You should spend the majority of your day searching for properties. Logging onto sites such as Rightmove, Zoopla or even Gumtree to locate properties in your patch.

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