7 Minutes of Trash Talk w Samuel Leeds

Get ready for the clash of the property training titans! Myself, the owner of the biggest and best property training company in the UK, versus my long-time rival, Rob Moore, in an electrifying charity boxing match! In a recent video for my YouTube channel, Rob and I sit down for pre-fight trash talk. This battle will transcend our industry presence and attract people from all walks of life!

This boxing match will not only be a monumental event in property training history, it will also raise money for charity. You can join us in Essex on 1st July 2023 and watch it live yourself. There are still a few tickets left, so you can book yours here. Act fast, as they won’t be available for long! In this article, I will take you through the thrilling journey that led us here!

The Fighters

As you all know, I am Samuel Leeds. I run the biggest property training company in the UK and have helped countless people become financially free via property. I've also amassed substantial wealth via owning and controlling property. Rob said he could beat me in a fight, so I made him put his money where is mouth is.

Rob Moore of Progressive Property Group, on the other hand, has his own smaller training company. While he has been around for a long time and claims his company is bigger than mine, I think we all know the truth! Though his boasting of 1,350 tenants and 360 property units might impress some, I know he just wants to be me!

The Motivation

This fight has been a long time coming! I have often wanted to punch Rob in his smug, rat-like face, and now I can do so legally and make money for charity as well! It is time for Rob to be put in his place and reminded who the real leader in the UK property training world is. Rob thought that his claims that he would beat me in a fight were never going to be put to the test, not on my watch!

When Rob and I recently met to promote the match, the banter flowed freely. I told him that he looked like a rat dressed up for a night at a gay club. It’s not even an insult, just a fact! He coped and seethed trying to insult my clothes, but there really wasn’t any coming back from that!

Predictions and Strategies

Let me tell you how this fight will go down. With my strength and size advantage, I will corner Rob and teach him a lesson he will never forget. He will be running about trying to use his rat-like skills to avoid my punches, but it won’t work. I will knock him out, and it won’t take long to do either. Rob can run, but in the ring, there is nowhere to hide!

Rob will be hoping to land a lucky punch, as this is his only hope of winning. But as we all know, you make your own luck. Just like in property, in the ring I will have the upper hand. Rob won’t know what is happening until it is all over!


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