7 Tips On How To Get Tenants In Your Rooms | 7 Bed HMO Tour

Samuel Leeds

7 Tips On How To Get Tenants In Your Rooms | 7 Bed HMO Tour.

Hello everyone. What’s up? My name is Samuel Leeds. Today, I am with my friends Kyle and Pritty who got HMO on a rent-to-rent basis. I visited to see their HMO and we discussed some important points which can help to get tenants in your rooms. Let’s learn what these are. 

Tips and Tour

They have got a seven room HMO so I decided that we will visit all seven rooms and discuss 7 tips that will help to get tenants. The first room was pretty decent, all blue and white. Looks attractive.

As the room had a bed and sofa corner with a beautiful curtain so, the first tip that Kyle gave was to do photography because the room has very good natural lighting. The lady Pritty shared that this property had been in a very bad state, nobody used to live here so she negotiated with the landlord and turned it into an amazing HMO. It took six weeks to make it a high standard living place. The second room has got the tenant who was moving in when we were viewing and discussing. They rent it out for 550 pounds. The color and the ambiance of the room was calming. Even the tenant said that he liked this thing the most. It had a bed, a two-seater sofa and a table.


Pritty said that always give the right information and upfront when you are giving the details. As she said, they don’t have ensuite bathrooms and she never hides this. She tells each and every detail about the HMO so the tenant won’t react then. The ratio is two to one bathroom. They have a video of a whole property which they show to the tenant who is interested to move inComing to room three, it almost looks like room one. The bed and wall color were all the same. Room 2 had also the same theme color. This room wasn’t on rent and it was available. 


This tip was given by me that never shows everything to the tenant. I remember when she was on Samuel365 and told me that the rooms were not going for rent. Everything is going right but nobody takes it. Then I thought there must be something either the property has got some issue or she is doing something wrong. She said yeah I have been showing each and every room to the tenant and it was evident that no room has yet rented out so they might think this house has got some issue that’s why all rooms are empty. So, yeah never show all rooms, view them 2 to 3 rooms only. Moving to room number four, something really funny or you may say an interesting thing happened. When I came into their house they were showing rooms to one tenant and suddenly he didn’t seem to be interested in the room but then I jumped in and told Pritty to go to this tenant and say that I am interested in this room if he is not willing to take then you will give to other potential tenant, As a result, when she told this to that tenant, he on the spot took a decision to take that room. Although, it was not planned but it happened spontaneously and they got a tenant 

So, what you learn is, skills are very important when dealing with clients. You must have the abilities to convince a customer to stick to your property. Room number five is also the same as other rooms. They have built on one theme i.e. Blue and white. 

Tip number five is to lock the sale. If any tenant has agreed to rent a room then you must discuss each and everything at the moment. Don’t set it for the next day, maybe their mind will change then you will lose a customer. We then visited room number six which became my favorite because it has a beautiful chair and a balcony. The room is also rented out.

Kyle said that if you have tenants you can tell them if your friend wants to move in here, you can suggest our house and we will pay you, so it's a good thing. The last room, which was the seventh one, Pritty shared a game changer tip.

She said renew the spare room advertisement. It worked wonders for them as it brings your rooms right on the top so it always catches the client’s eye. It does not cost anything so do it for sure.

Wrap up!

I hope you love the house. It was beautiful. They did an amazing job. Just keep in mind those tips and implement them whenever you are renting out a HMO. For more interesting videos, hit the bell icon of my Youtube channel. See you, bye! 

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