Andrew Tate Debates Samuel Leeds | Women and Marriage

I recently interviewed professional kickboxer, multimillionaire and internet legend, Andrew Tate. We talked about a lot of things, with many points of agreement. On the topic of women we have some disagreements. Tate thinks women are better at taking a traditional role as homemakers. 50% of my customers in my training business are women and are doing extremely well. I have a different approach to relationships to Tate and see marriage as a partnership of equals where both sides can be equally involved in business.

On the other hand, there are many things we do agree on. I believe in being a protector and a provider just like Andrew does. I also know that Tate loves women and a lot of the things shown in the media about him have been taken out of context. Often Andrew’s statements are jokes that have been reported as serious commentary by manipulative journalists, for example.

Please watch the full clip above to understand our agreements and disagreements on this topic. Because Andrew Tate is so misrepresented on this, I will use the rest of this article to summarise Andrew’s view in good faith (as someone that disagrees with much of his take on the subject).

1. Andrew Tate believes in being a protector and a provider for women.

Andrew has said, “Women are the most precious things on the planet. They create life. They should be protected. They should be provided for. I would never let a woman pay for a bill.” This is a traditionalist view of relationships, which many woman would agree with.

He also says, “If someone touched a woman I would stand up against 10 men by myself and risk my life to protect her.” Because of this he feels that he should have a leadership role in the relationship, as he will be the one defending them both if they are in trouble. If a woman who he is in a relationship with wants to go out to a dangerous area, for example, he feels he should have veto power as he will be the defender.

2. Andrew Tate believes in average differences between the sexes.

Andrew thinks there are average differences between the sexes. This doesn’t mean that he thinks there are no exceptions to the rule or that there should be any sort of legal impediments based on gender.

Not too long ago, this was the mainstream view in the western world; around the world it is still the norm. We can certainly debate this view but we shouldn’t silence people that haven’t changed their views on this.

3. Many rich men have relationships with a number of women. Andrew is just more open about it.

One of the most controversial things Andrew says is that super high-status men should be able to have one-way open relationships (which are open for the man and closed for the woman). As a Christian married man, I believe in monogamy, so I don’t agree with Tate here. That said, it isn’t actually unusual for super rich men to think this way. The only difference is, Tate says it out loud.

As always, the elites don’t want what they think and do to be spread to the masses. They don’t want you to know how they handle relationships. They don’t want you to know how they make money. They don’t want you to know what they know and think. That’s why they hate Tate, because he is exposing it all.

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