Andrew Tate Uncensored Interview: Samuel Leeds October 2022

I recently interviewed professional kickboxer, multimillionaire and internet legend, Andrew Tate. I have posted a couple of clips already, but now the full interview is up. In the interview we agree on many things and disagree on others. It is important to allow people to speak and make up their own minds. However when you speak up and teach people how to make money, the establishment often try to shut you up. Andrew has had his name dragged through the mud by the media and then had his social media accounts banned in an attempt to make sure he can’t reply.

I have had the media come after me, and me speaking the truth on social media allowed people to see what was real and what was not. Andrew didn’t have that option because big tech banned him. Luckily, Tate’s audience followed him on to alternative video platform Rumble, where Tate is doing better than ever. In this article, I will give you 3 reasons Tate survived being cancelled so you can become bulletproof too.

1. Andrew Tate has fans, not just viewers

When people are banned off social media sites, their viewers often don’t follow them on to alternative sites. Viewers are often happy to watch some other content from another creator. People are normally simply not willing to open a new account on another site to follow a specific person. This means that big tech can easily flush someone down the memory hole and they are never seen again.

Andrew on the other hand has passionate fans that will follow him wherever he goes. This means as long as there is somewhere online hosting his content, he will have fans viewing it. Make sure that your personal brand inspires loyalty and you will never need to worry about being cancelled.

2. Andrew Tate revealed the elitist agenda before they cancelled him

Tate has been speaking openly about the elitist agenda and the fact he would be banned long before it actually happened. This meant his fans were primed for it and didn’t fall for the media manipulation. Andrew’s fans knew what was happening and why. They instantly supported him, rather than being confused by what was happening.

Often when people are cancelled their viewers don’t know what to believe. It may be the first time they have even seen media manipulation and they don’t know what is real and what is fake. If you speak about topics that could get you banned, make sure your fans know the score!

3. Andrew Tate still drives traffic from the platforms that banned him

Once again Tate’s loyal fanbase come in handy here. When Andrew goes live on Rumble, he asks his fans to post to their social media accounts. This allows him to reach people on the sites he is banned from.

Andrew’s clips are also all over social media and Tate’s entertaining delivery ensure they go viral. This means that the very platforms that banned him are still growing his fanbase and helping to mainstream their alternative rivals. Always look for ways to get around the rules without breaking them. If you stay smart, they can’t cancel you!

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