Are Entrepreneur’s Made or Born?

Rent2Rent Tax, Property Business Plans, Deal Packaging and MORE!

This week Samuel shares a wealth of knowledge, by answering many enthusiastic and diverse questions. From tax queries for the Rent2Rent method, to business plans and how to package deals. This week is nothing but value and you're invited to drink it all in with answer after answer. If you or a friend have ever had similar questions, share the video below, grab a notebook, brew your favourite beverage, place any calls and potential family members on silent and prepare yourself for little golden nuggets you could only find on Samuel's weekly Q&A videos!

Are Entrepreneur's Made or Born?

Samuel believes the answer is BOTH! Without the correct education and training, the ‘made' part of yourself, there is only so far you can get, because even if you have the burning fire and drive born within you, you need to take action with what you have AND what you could gain from being self-made through education. Just being born with natural talent will naturally take you far and you can do very well on that alone. However if you wish to be great so you can be highly successful, you NEED to be both.

With such a host of questions like this, I guarantee there's something here for everyone. In fact you will most likely walk away with more answers to questions you didn't even know you needed. What exactly is in this video?  Well let me give you the scoop. In this video Samuel answers questions like; “When do you need to produce a business plan?”, “Should I invest in property in third-world countries?” “How do I get rid of ground rent or overpriced service charges?” “Is it worth finding tenants without listing a property with estate agents?” and much much more.

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