In a recent video on YouTube, I talked about the possibilities for 2022. The bad news is I am expecting more lockdowns. Everyone was saying at the end of 2020 that the world was going to be getting back to normal. Nothing was further from the truth. Two weeks to ‘flatten the curve’ became two years of intermittent lockdowns and restrictions. The lack of consistency meant that it was difficult to plan for many businesses and this caused huge problems for entrepreneurs. Today people are again thinking that we will be moving into a ‘return to normal’, but I think people are again mistaken. I believe we will see various types of restrictions in 2022 and we need to be ready for it.

The good news is that despite these continuous interruptions, I have seen more millionaires be created than ever before. In my recent book, which is volume two of case studies of my success students, I detail how many people became successful in property or financially free during these times of restrictions and lockdowns. The way that they have done it is different to the ways described in the first volume of my book, because the world has changed. You can download a copy of volume 2 from Amazon.

In this article I am going to cover 3 ways to not only survive, but also massively succeed in the lockdown era.

1. Do what others won’t

During the lockdowns many business owners were unable to continue doing what they were doing. An example of this was in the rent to serviced accommodation business. Many of the business owners in the sector were handing back the keys to their properties to the landlord. This was because you weren’t allow to have the traditional guests that serviced accommodation normally serve during the lockdown.

I told my students to take on properties from the businesses that were handing back keys. Many of my students then negotiated lower rents for the lockdown period and put key workers into the properties (who were allowed to rent temporary accommodation during the lockdown). Being willing to do what others won’t and see the opportunities within the chaos is key to success.

2. Use any free time to learn

Most people that were unable to return to work due to the rules just enjoyed their time off relaxing. However, the people that came out of it stronger used the time to learn money-making skills. For example, some people joined my online coaching programme, which included weekly coaching calls with me and one-to-one mentoring with successful property advisors. These individuals came out of the lockdowns stronger and, in many cases, richer than before.

3. Read the book

My book Samuel Leeds' Success Students – Volume 2 has the case studies of people that made it in property during the lockdowns and restrictions. If anyone can inspire you to take action now, it is these folk! Learn exactly how they did it and then apply it in your own life. With so many different people in this book, you are bound to find someone who you can relate to.

For a limited time, the Kindle version of the book is available for free on Amazon. Check the Amazon page to see if the offer is still on. If not, consider purchasing the book. It might be key to your success.

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