Balancing property with a job

Balancing property with a job

We often hear about people in nightmare careers which they're desperate to escape. What about balancing property with a job you actually love? Meet Samuel (another one!) and Sophie, they are a couple who are financially free thanks to Samuel Leeds. They are earning over £2000 per month and started by borrowing money from family – in other words, they joint ventured. Smart! Their strongest reason to get into property was to help nourish their young children with a brighter present and a better future. They want to give them opportunities right now so they can excel and accelerate, learn about the world and not just rely on school for their ‘education'.

The unusual aspect about this couple is that they both really enjoy their day jobs. Sophie is on maternity leave and says she loves her work so much but probably won't return to it. She would rather focus on her children and use that time wisely to grow the property business. It helps that the recent deals they sealed will cover her salary! You see, that's the magic of property investment, it gives you the freedom to choose. Samuel says he isn't anti-job, he is simply pro-freedom. If you want to carry on with your job while managing your property business, kudos to you! The main thing is that you are choosing to do so and are in control. Sophie's partner also enjoys his retail job and doesn't see himself leaving any time soon. He can get even more pleasure from the position now that he is working from a place of abundance rather than having to be there because he has no other option. It's all about choice.

So, what deals did they do and how did they secure them? Find out by watching! Oh, and don't forget to share this video with someone who is concerned about balancing work with a new business.


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