BBC’s Blatant Deceit!

Samuel Leeds bbc

BBC's Blatant Deceit!

Today, I have a message directly to the BBC because they are doing yet another documentary of which I don't know if it's going to be about me again but the thing is that they have exposed themselves probably by mistake.

To be honest I am absolutely baffled by their recent actions to try once again and make financial freedom advisors like myself look illegitimate.

I read a post last week on LinkedIn from the BBC's and to my experience, their undercover investigations just exposed their ulterior motives.

They previously did a show about me painting my programs with negativity but I’m yet to see one of their representatives answer my previous questions to them and come on a one on one financial program and see me acquire and make profit off property from scratch.


I’ve always held BBC to the highest standards but by failing to cover both sides of the story, they sure have an explaining to do and confirm if they came with a predetermined agenda while airing my story.

So just to set a little bit of background, the BBC are doing yet another documentary on training companies that teach people on ways to make money and attain financial freedom.

Not many companies teach on attaining financial freedom even when going through school, you do not learn about money but with businesses such as mine that teach people how to invest and make money you can easily learn the skill without much struggle.

However, we have been absolutely penalized by the media over the last six to eight months and it's almost like they're trying to stop people wanting to become financially literate.

 and I’ll talk about that later but rather than posting and saying hey we're looking to do a documentary on people on people that have gone through wealth creation courses property investment training courses can you come and get in touch if you've had an experience they don't say that.


Here’s What The BBC Posted On LinkedIn

Samuel Leeds bbc

“BBC business is looking into online training courses that claim to offer a fast track to financial independence but actually provide little value for money.

have you spent hundreds or even thousands of pounds on these courses but now feel the training didn't match up to the promises you were made?

If this is something that has impacted you, we would like to hear your story comment below if you're happy for us to contact you.”

In their LinkedIn post, they're not saying contact us if you're happy but only saying contact us if you've been through the training and are unhappy

I started running some online training courses over lockdown and we've had thousands and thousands of students come through the online training and we have had a tiny fraction I think we've only had five people that had said weren't happy out of thousands of happy customers. I mean that is absolutely crazy!

Imagine if I said I’m doing a documentary on universities to see whether they are good or not could you please get in touch with me if you've been through any university and were left unhappy at the end.

Would that not make me look like a complete amateur that had an agenda and my agenda is clearly just to speak to unhappy people? I mean it's absolutely insane they have completely exposed their agenda.


My Honest Opinion On the Issue

What the BBC are trying to do is they're trying to find those five unhappy people when it's very easy to see on my YouTube channel every single week people becoming financially free.

financial freedom

You go on my review site and you see thousands of reviews and most of the time these are five out of five but what they're doing is they're specifically targeting the unhappy ones to paint a narrative.

Christopher P. who’s producing the show tells people commenting below the post that ‘I’d love you to add me on LinkedIn so we can chat and I can hear your experience’ however, interestingly when I tried to add Christopher p on LinkedIn, three days have passed with no reply from him.

My question to Christopher is why do you not want to speak to me? why do you not want to speak to any of my happy customers? or any happy customers that have gone through this at all?

I don't know exactly what their agenda is, maybe they're just trying to create bad news stories but there is a reason that the BBC wants to get a particular message across to you and want to put you off of becoming financially literate.

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Please do your bit to not let them block the truth and stop people learning about financial independence.


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