Buy Low Rent High Book NOT DELIVERED

A Message from Samuel.

I am extremely sorry that many people have not received their Buy Low Rent High Book mostly from Dec/January 2019 orders. After this problem coming to my attention, I personally rushed to the office investigating and left my 3-day old son and poorly wife home alone. I was happy to abandon my paternity because I value every one of our customers and I am simply not prepared to put our company’s excellent reputation on the line.

I found five reasons as to why some of the books had not been delivered on time:

1. International orders. Sending books internationally can take a very long time depending on the country. We are looking at ways to speed this up in the future or maybe just email a PDF version as a preferred option.

2. Selling out. In January we sold out of books completely. After ordering 3,000 more books, we immediately sold out again. The orders were overwhelming after my recent media appearances and viral YouTube video.

3. Incorrect addresses. Some of the addresses were not filled out fully or correctly which made it difficult or impossible to send out the book.

4. Understaffed. Our staff have not been able to cope with the unusual influx of emails and book orders so there has been delays on postings and email responses. This is unacceptable and we have just started hiring a large volume of new staff for the office.

5. Mystery. In some cases the books have just disappeared in the post and we cannot trace them. In these instances we have decided to just send them again and hope for the best. Investigations are still taking place on this.

Lessons: I have learned a lot from this personally and so have our team. We are currently hiring twelve new members of staff and putting faster systems in place to send books more efficiently. We also now have several thousands of books that will remain locked away in case of emergencies.

Actions: We are re-sending all books that haven’t been delivered or have gotten lost. Some people may end up with two books. We will also email a PDF of the book to all customers just to be safe.

To anybody still waiting, please accept my apology and know that myself and the team are doing all we can. Thank you everybody for your patience and I know some people ended up just paying for the book and ordering directly from Amazon. With all the January customers who ordered, I am going to send a little something in the post as an apology, let’s hope it arrives!!!

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