Couples in property

Couples in Property

If you want to know how couples in property succeed, there is no proper answer. Today is Valentine's Day and no matter if you're single or in a relationship, we urge you to show yourself some love today. In fact do some self-love everyday please – there's no excuse.

Now, back to the romance. We get all kinds of people attending our events and succeeding in the property business. From graduates to grandparents, singletons to married couples – they all want to know how they can succeed. Some of them don't just want to succeed, they want to do it as a duet.

The family business

The old adage says that you should never do business with family. There might be some valid reasons why this is the case, and you could just prefer to go alone. However, it is possible to do it together, or at the very least be supportive of one another. Samuel is happily married and has beautiful children.

If your partner says you shouldn't pursue property or you shouldn't attend the Crash Course, he has some advice for you. If it's something that you genuinely want to do and are convinced it will be beneficial, do it. You don't want to go through life resenting your partner. At the same time, the only reason they're warning you against it is because they are trying to protect.

The best thing to do is to win them over with evidence. Don't try to verbally defend your position or choice. You shouldn't try to beg them to believe in your decisions. You should go for it, get the results and stand by them. The money you make and the achievements you accrue should show them the light. If your partner still doesn't support you after this, it's possible you aren't in the right relationship.


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