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Lease Option Bootcamp (Online)

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The Ultimate Strategy for “No Money Down” deals!

Lease Option Agreements is the strategy that Samuel used to buy some of his first properties back in 2008. They were NO MONEY DOWN deal!

This a genius strategy that intelligent investors are using right now, to take control of properties using no or very little money. On this incredible 4 week programme you will learn everything you need to get started.

People love lease options because –

  • You need very little money to get started
  • You can start making a passive income straight away
  • You have the option but not the obligation to buy the property at a price you agree now, this is often heavily BMV (below market value) when the time comes

You will learn – 

  • How to easily identify properties that fit the criteria so you can find deals straight away
  • The magic words to say so you can seal the deal
  • How to answer any objection the homeowner may have so you don’t lose the deal
  • Everything you need to do legally so that you are fully protected

You are not currently enrolled in this course

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