How Adding Value Can Create HUGE PROFIT | Thoughtful Thursday #14

Darren Galvin has spent years trying to utilize his key strengths. Being someone who is able to see what needs changing in order for it to become a success can be frustrating at times. Darren as rode the wave of frustration and has been able to convert his plans ideas into something that is viable and successful at the same time.

Darren created the company ExpertApps they have been identified as one of the fastest-growing tech companies in the UK. They offer the opportunity for brands to license their social media technology, business and lend them there expertise.

Offering brands this opportunity will undoubtedly help them establish a greater footing on social media platforms. Darren’s work allows the brand is to experience great engagement and online retention rates. His skill and ability to be great businessman led him to find a gap in the social media market where he hasn’t looked back since.

Social media in 2019 is one of if not the greatest tool of communication people have been able to change their lives through various platforms social media has to offer. Darren continues to help cultivate different brands approach to the way they invest.

The success of the company has seen a man that was in serve credit card debts searching for a way out. Finally, reap the rewards of his patience and knowledge within its first-year ExpertApps made a profit of 125K and in its second yet its set to exceed 7 figures in valuation.

Samuel and Darren both agree that a key proponent is about the value you can add not always about the success.


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