DO THIS NOW! Get A Deal By The New Year

It’s Christmas and most people are resting. They want their Christmas off and they won’t be working again until the new year. For most people the idea of working over Christmas is unthinkable, and it will cut into the time they need to spend with family. But if you want extraordinary results, you can’t be ordinary! On Christmas Day, I put out a video about why you should secure a property deal before the new year. Today, I am making a blog post to emphasise the point.

Most people need Christmas to hang out with their families because they work jobs that mean they can’t spend much time with them the rest of the year. If you are willing to put the work in now, this won’t be a problem for you. Once you are financially free, you can choose to spend time with your family whenever you want to. So why is this time so important to finding good property deals? Let me explain…

Sellers want to ‘sell by Christmas’

Many sellers set a deadline in their minds of selling by Christmas. This means that when they don’t manage it they have the psychology of a motivated seller. In reality, the deadline may not mean anything. The seller may not even have a reason they needed to sell by Christmas; however the deadline has become important to them in their minds.

If you can make an offer quickly, they may be open to a lower price than they would even be a week ago. At this point, the seller just wants to get rid of the property and feels like they haven’t met their deadline. You can help them go into the new year without the headache of dealing with the property and in return get an amazing bargain for yourself.

Many buyers are waiting for the new year

While many sellers are wanting to sell as quickly as possible; most buyers are at home celebrating Christmas. This means for the few buyers that are willing to act, there is less competition. If you wait until the new year, all the other investors will be back to work as well. This is an opportunity that is too good to miss if you are serious about becoming financially free.

Work hardest when everyone else is resting, then when everyone has to work hard you can rest. Being willing to give up your time now means that you could have passive income later, letting you take time off whenever you like. On the other hand, if you don’t work hard now, you may be stuck working whenever your employer tells you to.

It’s a good time for deal selling

It’s not just a great time to find a deal, it is also an excellent time to sell deals as a deal sourcer. You may not think your customers will want to buy deals at this time but you would be wrong. This is particularly true with overseas investors in places that don’t traditionally celebrate Christmas. In the early days I would sell so many property deals over Christmas, it really was amazing.

If you are an action taker, find a property deal before the new year or sell one to your customers as a deal sourcer. If you do this, I know you will succeed in property! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from me and everyone at Property Investors!


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