Don’t Listen To What Everybody Says!

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Don't Listen To What Everybody Says!

Hi. I am Samuel Leeds, a property investor, and a property guide. Today I will share the five habits that made me a millionaire. These habits will help you in your property business and you can also become a multi-millionaire like me. So let’s begin.


Hey! My name is Samuel Leeds and in this video, I want to talk about the common phrases and expressions we have heard growing up, which in my opinion are not only false but also prevent you from gaining success in business!

I would love to know your perspective so comment down below whether you agree or disagree with me.

Moving on, the first expression which always gets me is “You can’t have your cake and eat it too” meaning you cannot have everything; you cannot win twice, you cannot buy a house and have cash flow from it as well as capital appreciation.

Actually, here is the thing: not only is this saying utterly absurd and inaccurate but it also does not make any sense because why buy a cake when you cannot have it!

What are you going to do with it? Just stare at it?

The next phrase is one I heard all the time growing up and you might have heard of it too and that is “If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is”.

I disagree with it because in saying so, society lowers your expectations in life, for instance, you are at school and you want to be an astronaut, a footballer, a multi-millionaire or even a property investor. Now people will force you to rethink your aspirations and decisions by saying you need to go to university, get a job, live a normal life and eventually you will be conditioned to accept normality. However, as soon as something out of the ordinary comes your way, you will question your ability to adapt and live a life like that. Therefore, if you live by this ridiculous quote, nothing good and extraordinary will ever come your way and even if it does then you will end up subconsciously sabotaging it because you feel it doesn’t exist!

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 A good relationship might come along… I mean when I first met my wife, I thought she was wonderful! Imagine if I had a mindset of doubting things and people because they are too good to be true! But instead, I walked away from such a mentality and have been happily married for six years!

 The third quote which I often come across is “Seeing is believing” and as a property developer and entrepreneur, I fail to agree with it because you actually have to believe it first and then manifest it into reality with the help of perseverance before you see the outcome. For instance, if you are building a development site, you cannot say that I will believe it once it’s built. You have to first visualize it, believe it is going to happen, and then go make it happen.

 So let me know what you think in the comments and share this video with other people because society needs to eradicate these lies and nonsensical statements!

The next one is “Money doesn’t grow on trees” but technically speaking and rather ironically, the paper money we use literally grows on trees. The problem with this expression is that by saying it, you are implying that it takes money to make money, that money is not unlimited and isn’t readily available on trees; it is hard to earn money and it may take years to build savings. 

This whole mindset is a lie! You can make money not by cheating on someone but by adding value to them. Money is always circulating and there is a limitless amount of wealth in this world. In fact, there is enough money for someone to make 2000 pounds a month by working hard so this quote makes no sense. 

Another common saying is “Watch the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves”. I disapprove of this mentality because it encourages you to focus on the pennies which will likely cause you to miss out the million. I can assure you that treading carefully and avoiding risks did not make me a millionaire!

 I started from the bottom, had a working class background, was raised by a single mom and no one handed me any money but I became a multi-millionaire because I was not fixated on small things. I would think about the big problems and how to make millions of pounds.

Another expression which you might have been taught as well is “Don’t talk to strangers”. As a consequence, people complain about not getting new businesses or not being able to find a joint venture partnership because they have been persuaded by society to not interact or trust strangers at all!

The last one is a little bit different and this is when you ask people how they are doing and they say ‘not too bad’. I don’t want to die and have on my tombstone ‘Samuel not-too-bad Leeds’. Again this reply is normal!

 So let’s remove normality as well as these ridiculous statements and expressions from our lives because not only are they false but they prevent people from gaining financial independence.

The next time someone asks you how you are doing then you reply to them with “I am great. I am amazing. I am incredible and how are you?


Wrap Up:

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