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Hello good people, Samuel and Amanda Leeds here. It's official. You'll be seeing more of Amanda on my channel. If video popularity is anything to go by, you guys clearly love it when Amanda makes an appearance. I say this because of the videos I've uploaded in recent weeks, the most popular have been those of which she featured. 


So in response to your support of Amanda being a regular, we have decided to start a podcast, where we'll release new episodes every Saturday at 7 p.m. We actually asked you to share some name ideas for the podcast. But only a few did; if you're one of them, thank you. And if you haven't yet, we'd love to hear your suggestions.

So what are some of the topics we'll be covering in our yet-to-be-named podcast? You can expect lively conversations about, but not limited to:

  • Property, obviously
  • Business
  • Mindset
  • Money and lifestyle
  • Day in the life of Amanda and Samuel Leeds

Who Handles Our Finances? – Money Management

I'll say it off the bat, in our household, Amanda has 100% control of our money. “I do, I do,” Amanda agreed. I was, however, the one that taught her the system to use to manage our finances. “You have to talk about money before you get serious with anyone,” Amanda said before revealing that when we first met, she was a big spender and never used to save, while I was more frugal.

“I feel like we've switched roles,” I remarked in response. Amanda agreed, explaining that she is now the more reluctant spender, while I'm the big spender. “You're like an extravagant spender. You don't spend small,” she said. Nonetheless, we have never argued about money, not once. And our secret is, before we got married, we agreed on a system of managing money that worked for both of us.

“What is the system?” I asked her. “We have several bank accounts,” Amanda answered then continued to explain that whenever we get paid, we split the money into six accounts allocated for various things, namely:

  • Necessities
  • Long-term saving
  • Financial freedom
  • Education
  • Giving
  • Play

I learnt this money management system back when I was still a teenager from Harv Eker, who authored the book Secrets of the Millionaire Mind. I attended several of his seminars where he taught the following:

  • Pay yourself first. Before you pay your bills and other expenses, put aside part of your salary or business profits, which will go toward your personal development.
  • Put your money into six different accounts.
  • Put 50% into your necessities account, then put 10% in each of the remaining five accounts: education, giving, investment, savings, and play.

Amanda's favourite account is the play one. Not so much for me, especially in the beginning, because all I wanted was to invest my money, not spend it. So what this system has done for us is made Amanda more disciplined in how she spends her money. And it has forced me to live a little by spending my play money, which, in turn, has caused me to think a bit richer. 

If we had gotten married without this system, it would have been a nightmare. Amanda would be spending money as soon as we got it, which would not have sat right with me because I would have preferred a frugal lifestyle. Lots of couples argue about money, and as Amanda put it, “having this system in place really really just negates that.” And neither of us ever questions the other on how they spend their share of the play money because we set it aside for use on whatever we like.

We encourage you to do this because as time passes, you will notice that while the percentages remain the same, the amount you allocate each month for each cause will continually increase. For instance, if you initially had £300 for play money each month, after a certain period, you may find you now have £500. Why? Because the money you put in investments starts to give you returns. 

What if you can't afford to live on 50% of your income?

It doesn't matter how you do it, so long as you do it. The Bible talks about first being faithful with a little so you can receive more. And Christian or not, that principle is relevant in money management. One guy who earned about £1,200 a month couldn't afford to put aside 50% for necessities. So he instead allocated 90% to essentials and distributed the remaining 10% equally in the other five accounts. And over the years, he's continually increased the amount he sets aside. You don't need more money, be better at managing the money you have.

The pay yourself first money management system is how most wealthy people manage their money. Harv Eker's Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, which I recommend you read, goes into greater detail about this money managing system. George S. Clason's The Richest Man in Babylon talks about similar principles. Even Joseph from the Bible saved Egypt from a food crisis by adopting a similar principle. During the seven years of abundance, he had a fraction of each year's harvest stored. So when the drought came, all the other countries came to Egypt to buy grain, which was good for the economy.

YouTube Verification

In other news, I'm officially a verified YouTuber, which is not a big deal as most people make it out to be, but I am excited about it for one particular reason. My subscribers and viewers can now tell apart my genuine profile from fake profiles. 

Amanda explained that whenever I upload a video, someone with the same profile picture and name as my Youtube profile picture and name responds to people's comments. “It's really bad because then they'll say contact me on Whatsapp and they'll put a number … they're basically scammers,” she continued to explain.

And no matter how many times we block these impersonating accounts, they keep popping back up. So the verification is a welcome change because now people can tell whether it's me commenting by confirming if there's a tick next to my name.

Celebrating 6 Years on YouTube

In addition to getting verified on YouTube, I recently marked six years since I created my YouTube channel. And coincidentally, that was also the day I uploaded my 1000th YouTube video. So I'm incredibly grateful for each of you that watches my videos. 

When Amanda and I met, although I had an impressive property portfolio that comprised about 12 properties, I wasn't a millionaire. And neither did I have a YouTube channel. So in a sense, I have documented my way to becoming a multimillionaire on YouTube. 

I started off filming my bespoke deal packaging activities, where I would take prospective property buyers to different properties before buying the one they preferred. We have since achieved many milestones, including starting the training company and helping many people become financially free. Here's a video highlighting some of the significant events that have happened over the last six years.

Book Writing

My most recent book, Samuel Leeds' Success Students (VOLUME 1), received just over 2000 downloads within the first week, so massive thanks. And I have some good news, while I won't enter into much detail, I am writing a new book! Stay tuned.

Bear Hunt – Epic Fail!

Now, here's something interesting that happened. If you're a parent to a preschooler or were at some point, you likely know the We're Going on a Bear Hunt children's picture book by Michael Rosen. What makes this book so popular is that it's also a rhyming book that you can sing. It goes something like this,

“We're going on a bear hunt.

We're going to catch a big one.”

Anyway, the book has had several adaptations, including bear hunts, which our kids absolutely love. You hide stuffed bears somewhere outside, and the kids walk around looking for the bears as they chant the We're Going on a Bear rhyme. So we thought, why not add to the excitement with an actual bear.

“So Samuel got a bear suit,” explained Amanda. And it was quite a realistic bear costume. Remember, the goal was to entertain the kids, but when Amanda sent them out to play and Samuel appeared to them, “it went horribly wrong.” The kids were petrified and immediately ran behind a bush, where they silently hid.

And it wasn't until they saw Amanda that they came from their hiding spot and ran to her and broke down crying. Mission failed. That whole ordeal traumatized them to the point of refusing to go and play outside on their own. But we fixed it by showing them the bear costume and showing them it's a friendly bear when Samuel wore it again, and we all cuddled up together.

Q&A Session

In addition to all the topics we'll be discussing, we'll also be answering your questions. So feel free to ask Amanda or me anything. None of you asked us any questions in the last episode, but I had some questions for Amanda.


Samuel: Which season do you prefer and why. Spring or Autumn?

Amanda: Autumn.

Samuel: Why?

Amanda: The leaves are falling …. It's pretty. I like being able to wear a dress still with tights.

Samuel: For me, I'd say Spring because there's more hope in Spring. Spring is like Summer's coming.

Samuel: Would you rather only be able to shower once every seven days or have to shower seven times every day?

Amanda: Seven showers a day.

Samuel: What was the last book that you read? Both fiction and non-fiction.

Amanda: My last fiction book was probably when we last went on holiday. It was called The Pool House.

Samuel: Non-fiction?

Amanda: The Millionaire Next Door.

Samuel: I don't like that book.

Amanda: It was interesting for me. There's lots of things in there that I see in you.

Samuel: Maybe I do like the book after all. 

Samuel: I don't read fiction at all. My last non-fiction was the book I wrote. The last book I read before that was The Purpose Driven Life.


And here’s a question for you guys. What should we call our podcast? 

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