Entrepreneur ‘taught himself rich’ by watching YouTube videos | Nathan Winch

AN ENTERPRISING 28-yearold ‘no longer needs to work’ after teaching himself how to become a property entrepreneur in just four months by studying YouTube videos. Nathan Winch is raking in an average of £10,000 a month from property investments and in one morning alone, earned £13,500 from two deals he negotiated. And aside from legal fees, he has not had to put down any money.

Nathan credits his success to watching videos on the YouTube channel of Samuel Leeds, a 27-year-old multimillionaire property investor. “I already had an interest in property before I watched those videos and had bought a couple of buy-to-lets when I was a running a medical supplies business serving the NHS,” he said. “But the returns were abysmal. It wasn’t until I watched Samuel’s videos at the end of September that I realised I’d been doing everything wrong and could use other strategies which would give me a far greater return on my investments.” The former Barnsley College student started to implement what he was learning from the videos and has since joined Samuel Leads’ Property Investors’ academy.

So far he has completed ten deals, four of which were lease option agreements which allow him to rent out a property without owning it. “Essentially, this is when you take on a property because the owner can’t sell it or it’s in negative equity. You offer to pay their mortgage, bills, and take responsibility for the repairs. Then you let it out as if it’s your property and keep the rent. “You also have an option to buy it later at a price set today, so you benefit from the capital appreciation as well.” One of these options was a three-bedroom house in Newcastle-upon-Tyne where he persuaded the owner to switch to an interest-only mortgage to keep the payments low.

The monthly mortgage is £98 and the rent Nathan gets is £450 per month. With the income from just four of these types of deals, along with his two existing buy-to-let homes, Nathan had enough cash coming in to cover his bills, with a few hundred pounds over. Then, after enrolling on a crash course run by Property Investors, in one morning alone he sold a deal to an investor for £12,000 after negotiating a £100,000 reduction on the sale price of a block of flats in the North West. The flats were advertised as having a rental income of about £55,000 a year from the existing tenants.

On the same day, he also earned a finder’s fee of £1,500 for a buy-to-let in Barnsley. “I’d built up a list of investors, some of whom I knew from when I had my business, and others I’ve found through networking. I emailed the deals out in the morning and by 1pm they’d been finalised. I couldn’t believe they sold so quickly. I made £13,500 before lunchtime. “I don’t even need to get out of bed to work anymore, but I’m a driven person, so I want to keep achieving goals.

Having all this free time now also means I can spend more time with my family. “I’d suffered with mental health issues after selling my first business, and was in a very bad place. Samuel Leeds’ academy has really helped me and I’m looking forward to doing more deals in future. It’s like having a second family.” Samuel Leeds, who had amassed enough wealth to have retired at 21, said: “It’s incredible what you can achieve when you have a positive mind-set. “We train thousands of people each year and Nathan is in the top one per cent.”

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