Financial Freedom Challenge Journey So Far….. #FFChallenge

Hey folks!


On the 15th of November, after an amazing and motivating days 3 days at the Deal Finding Extravaganza, I made my journey up North to Sheffield to start my epic financial freedom challenge that I had set myself.


My Objective: To build a property income from scratch of £3,000 per month. At least 50% of this needs to be a passive/residual income. If I run out of money and can’t afford to live, or abandon the challenge without my income, I fail.

If I can prove to be financially independent anytime after starting with zero, and then demonstrate I can make £3,000 per month through property, I succeed.

It was time to leave my family, wealth and reputation in order to start ALL OVER AGAIN!


Day 1 is proving difficult by being in an unknown territory and having zero contacts.


Day 4 Sorry I have not been posting as much. I have been super busy hitting the phones and trying to get money in the bank. Just before my first deal I had a serious incident on the motorway and as a result, my car has been written off 🙁 I am incredibly grateful to be alive, however, I missed my meeting and lost the deal that I was banking on to move forward with. I’m back to the beginning and have not bought or sold anything. Devastated does not quite cut it.


Day 5 Today I made my first LOA phone call for a property I found off Gumtree regarding a no money down deal in Huddersfield. The property currently fetches £400 p.c.m so I outlined a potential deal, whereby I would pay the landlord a fixed price per month and in 3 years time, buy the property outright. I gave the landlord time to think about my offer as I would also need to see the property before taking things further. Watch the video here:


Day 7 I got exposed AGAIN. This may mean that I am left on the streets tomorrow night! Perhaps my incognito disguise was a little too obvious? But, I have got a number of calls and appointments to make tomorrow which I am looking forward to.

Watch where I got exposed here and see if you cringed as much as I did! Click Here

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