Financial Freedom Challenge PART 3. Interview with Letting Agent

Samuel sits down for an in-depth chat with Elena.

The letting agent who’s help and trust enabled him to complete his financial freedom challenge.

This is the first time that Elena gets to find out the true depth of the challenge and how Lucas Ruby ended up in Sheffield.  Elena herself has been in the property game for a very long time.

A history of being a landlady for 18 years and now in the letting industry for 5 years based in Sheffield owing her agency.

She knows the area very well and believes the city is on the up. This is in part because of the university and the number of international students seeking properties to rent.

Elena’s open nature and her intuition of giving everyone a fair chance to rent from her agency. Proved to be a valuable trait when the deal with Samuel came into play.

The idea of letting properties and turning them into serviced accommodation was something she wasn’t familiar with. After taking the call with Samuel and booking the viewing of the property everything got moving forward.

Elena found the confidence in the idea after her face to face meeting with Samuel and once again followed her intuition. Believing that Samuel was a good person with good intentions.

Samuel's big reveal the fact that Lucas Ruby wasn’t real left Elena taken aback. Prior to this she had no idea who Samuel Leeds was and had no clue about his success in property investing.

She was relieved that the deal would actually be going through with no hiccups and everyone will be benefiting as predicted. Elena has become pleasantly surprised by the success that the apartments have been achieving.

Elena now has her own eye on getting involved within property investing herself.  In the near future she will be looking to property investors for help and guidance.

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