Financial Freedom: The Movie (full trailer)

It’s here. The financial freedom documentary I promised in yesterday’s post. The one that is going to reveal A-Z how to become financially free through property, step-by-step. This is the first time I have given everything away like this. You now have the chance to learn everything you need to know to begin the process of becoming financially independent immediately after watching the movie! It is an exciting time for everyone here and it is going to be an exciting time for those of you who take action after watching this.

Some people have even said that after giving all this information out for free, my training business will be over. Only time will tell if that is the case or not. What certainly is the case is that there will be a huge number of people earning their financial freedom just from watching and implementing the lessons from this documentary. It’s going to be huge.

What is in Financial Freedom: The Movie?

In the documentary I help my employee, Amelia Asante, attain financial freedom. You will probably already know Amelia from my videos. She even interviewed me on my podcast back in 2019 and you can watch that video here. Most bosses want their employees to remain poor, but I want my employees, my students, my subscribers all to be rich. I want to spread the knowledge and see people take action in their own lives.

In this movie I don’t just show part of how I do it, I show everything. You can watch, take notes and then put it into action. All the knowledge you need is in the movie. Most people that watch will probably not do anything, but there will be people like you that do. Some people will have totally life changing experiences just from actions they take after watching the movie. I know you will be one of them.

How can I watch Financial Freedom: The Movie?

As I said in yesterday’s blog post, you won’t need to go anywhere to watch this movie. You can watch the whole thing from the comfort of your own home. The movie is a short lesson in exactly what you need to know to attain financial freedom, and it is all online for free. I have never done this before. Usually you can get a general idea of how I do my financial freedom challenges, but this time it will be all the nitty-gritty details. All I ask is that if you value the content in the movie, you give it a like and leave a comment. If you want to help the people you love to get access to this important information, please also consider sharing it on your social media.

So where exactly is the movie? It will be premiering on my YouTube channel at 7pm today (24 Nov 2021). If you are reading this before 7pm, you should go there right now and subscribe so that you don’t miss a thing. If you miss the YouTube premiere, don’t worry. You can still watch the whole thing on demand by finding the movie on my YouTube page. I look forward to reading your comments and hearing the story of how you become financially free in the near future. Speak to you soon.

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