First Ever Virtual “Property Investors Crash Course

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First Ever Virtual “Property Investors Crash Course!

I had some bad news today because we had a London crash course that was booked and we had to cancel it.

The whole of London went to tier three and so, we had a backup venue just outside of London in Southampton a few hours ago.

The Southampton council told us that we couldn’t run the event as it's too risky and we had people driving to Southampton and if you're one of those people, I’m going to make up to you.

I was devastated and if you had booked a ticket to the crash course and you have spent money on trains and stuff and cannot get it back, I am going to give you a voucher to spend on any training that we've got. I feel awful about that and I know it's probably going to cost me a fortune but the thing is, as an entrepreneur, you need to be pushing the boat and need to be creative rather than just waiting and that's what everyone's doing.

Everyone is just waiting until next year and the good news is that, the crash course is going to be held virtually online.

We are going to do it via zoom but this is not like a normal zoom meeting as I have had people pay thousands and thousands to have this backup ready just in case this happens again.

If you've never been to the crash course or if you live far away and couldn't make it because of the distance or because of Covid19, this is what's happening, I feel like this is going to be like a real live event and I don't know what to expect.

Over the years, people have asked me to run the crash course online via zoom and I’ve never done it, as this is the very first one.

A lot of people have had excuses as to why they couldn't attend a crash course because of things such as distance and all that kind of stuff but now, you can attend this course from the comfort of your home or your office.

We're running the program just like any other normal program as it is going to have delegates on one of the bigger screens and I’m going to be able to look you in the eye, as that's what it's going to be like.

I’m going to be looking you straight in the eyes over zoom and we're going to be finding live deals through the crash course just as it’s meant to be like on stage with people in the room.

I’m really sorry we couldn't meet physically face to face and I’m really sorry if you were booked on to the Southampton crash course and therefore, get in touch if you've lost the money over that as I will personally give you a credit voucher.

I want you to be financially independent and so, we're going to be meeting around 8 a.m. and I’ll be going through my 12 years’ experience in property condensing it into a day here live at the property investor’s crash course virtually, the first of its kind.

Whether you're in India, Australia, New Zealand, New York, Germany or Philadelphia, be sure to join us via zoom and see me secure property deals through the crash course.

I’ve got one of the best team in the world putting this together so that I can facilitate myself to teach you and give you the skills you need to know about property, as I’ll be doing calls to estate agents showing you how to book deals.

If you want to bag a deal before Christmas, join me at the property investor’s crash course as it only costs a pound, which is almost free, compared to the knowledge you will get from the crash course.

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For the first time ever the Property Investors Crash Course is VIRTUAL!

All are welcome, no excuses and it is completely FREE! I will be showing you how to do live deals, let's bag a deal before Christmas!

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