Forex Trading to Property Investment

Samuel Leeds

Forex Trading to Property Investment….

Hi guys, Samuel Leeds here. I had Ali over to my house to discuss his property journey so far, and he shared crucial advice for people looking to invest in property. Let's look at what he had to say.

What Are His Thoughts on Property Investors Crash Courses?

“Every single thing that you think you'll need, you'll have it by going to the academy,” Ali said. He expounded on that, saying that by attending my crash courses, one learns how to grow their property business, make profits, comply with the regulations that govern properties, et cetera. So basically, Property Investors Academy equips you with the knowledge you require to succeed in property. And according to Ali, what separates a successful student from an unsuccessful student is the former implements what they learn. 

How Did He Implement What He Learned?

“Walk me through your first deal,” I said to Ali. He revealed that after going to the crash course, he established his own company. And this also required him to build a business website and obviously invest some money into the business. After setting up the company, he did “a bit of co-deal sourcing.”

But just as he was gaining momentum in his property business, coronavirus came. The pandemic saw one of his major deals fall through, so he decided to put his business on hold because he feared the housing market would collapse. I was saying otherwise in my videos, which Ali watched, but he still felt convinced to play it safe.

So he entered the foreign exchange market, where he briefly worked for a forex trading company. While there, Ali would talk about his property dealings with his colleagues, including the company's CEO, who later approached him with a business proposal. He told him that he wanted to invest in property and because he knew Ali had the necessary training and experience, the CEO invited him to be a part of this new venture. And of course, Ali said yes.

“When you invest in yourself, then people want to invest in you,” I commented. “Definitely, 100% … I would have never been given this opportunity if I hadn't joined an academy,” Ali agreed. I also brought up his concern about the property market following the COVID-19 pandemic. He explained that having tried online marketing, he realized operating online wasn't his cup of tea. So when COVID-19 restrictions on property market activity forced a digital shift, he briefly paused his real estate activities.

Well, up until his boss at the forex company came to him with an offer that he couldn't refuse. “We have a very good relationship,” Ali said, adding that he had talked to him before about how easy it is to make money in property. For example, “if you find the right house, you can sell it for more. It's all about adding value to the property.” And the company's CEO, who's also a successful businessman with a high net worth, understood what Ali was saying.

What Is His Role in the New Project?

Ali's task was to find the best areas to invest in with regard to return on investment (ROI). It took him a couple of weeks to analyze the property market of different neighbourhoods and find his patch. “Can you reveal what your patch is?” I asked him. “Yes. Sheffield, Rotherham, and Doncaster,” Ali answered.

“Why did you choose that patch?” I further asked. He said it was mainly because of the ratio of houses on sale to those sold. And according to Ali, Sheffield and Doncaster were among the areas with the best ratios. “That's a brilliant point,” I noted. If you find that there are 1,000 properties on sale and 1,050 when you include those sold, it means houses aren't selling well there. But if after taking in properties sold, it comes to say 3,000, that shows they're all selling and fast.

Ali's Final Note

You can never go wrong with a house that is in a good location, meets the buyer's needs and financial situation, and has a high ROI.

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