Former Welwyn Garden City nurse aims at £20K in Apprentice-style property show | Samuel Leeds

Nse Murray, who worked as a nurse for 12 years, will compete in Apprentice-style business contest. ‘The Eviction'.

The 56-year-old is one of 12 contestants who will face a series of demanding challenges, details of which are currently being kept secret.

Nse said: “I'm extremely nervous as I've never been in a situation like this, but I'm also excited because I will definitely discover something about myself doing the challenges I will be faced with.”

The mother-of-two says she wants to help her church, community and family, but has been limited in doing so because of her finances.

“If I win this competition, my whole life will change in a matter of seconds.

“I will be able to fulfil the promises I was called to do, such as helping the homeless and single parents in whatever ways I can.”

Nse began property investing after attending a course run by Property Investors, the company organising the competition.

Within two weeks of leaving the course she had set up two deals, which replaced her previous wage.

The competition will be held in Caverswall Castle in the Staffordshire Moorlands, where the contestants, aged 21 to 56, will live together – until they are evicted.

Self-made property millionaire Samuel Leeds, chair of Property Investors, will be in charge of the competition – regularly showing the door to contestants who do not meet his demanding standards.

Samuel said: “Like me, none of them was born with a silver spoon in their mouth.

“We train thousands of people each year, and these individuals stood out.

“They will enjoy the facilities of the castle and our hospitality, but I'll be evicting 12 people along the way.

“The last person standing will be handed £20,000 to invest in property.”

Nse's progress in The Eviction will be charted in an in-depth documentary which will be available for viewing on YouTube in May.

The documentary will be available on Samuel Leeds' YouTube channel:

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