From Council Estate To Real Estate – How Samuel Leeds Made His Millions

Samuel Leeds

From Council Estate To Real Estate – How Samuel Leeds Made His Millions


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Property Investors founder Samuel Leeds went from being broke to having a £10m fortune in the space of a decade whilst still in his twenties. Here the 29-year-old entrepreneur describes his childhood – and how he became wealthy after an unpromising start in life which saw him relegated to the special needs desk at school.

Ten years ago, Samuel Leeds was living on a council estate in Walsall, and driving old bangers which were always letting him down, costing him money he didn’t have.

These days Samuel has gone up in the world. The purple Ford KA which he once drove has long since been consigned to the wrecker’s yard. Instead he owns a luxury Range Rover with a six-figure price tag and lives in one of the most expensive parts of the UK. He is also the proud owner of an historic castle in the Midlands and is a prolific property investor.

And yet, the Property Investors chair insists he is ‘nothing special.’ By his own admission, he didn’t do well at school. “When I was at school, I never really felt that understood, that people believed in me and thought I was going to do well.

“I remember there was a big desk at school. It was a kind of special needs desk. A guy who was quite a few years older than me sat on this desk. He had quite severe special needs and when he left the school, they put me on the desk.

“Even to this day I don’t know exactly why they put me on it. I don’t know if it was because they thought I had special needs or maybe because I had a real short attention span. I was always flicking glue and getting into trouble. Perhaps they wanted to keep an eye on me, but I just felt people generally didn’t get me.

“I didn’t think I was going to do well and go on and get a good job. I just thought I’m going to have to rely on something different, maybe my hands, and be a builder or something like that.” His father was a gardener and his mother a mobile hairdresser. They split up when he was seven years old. It was a bad separation, says Samuel. But then, when he was 12 his father became a magician and he thought that was ‘cool.’

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