Father with NO TIME Changes His Life Around with Property | Winners on a Wednesday #43

Today’s winners on a Wednesday feature Academy member Chris Jaap. A former contractor who has found a new lease on life in the form of property investment.

Throughout Chris working life he has always spent a lot of time away from working long hours. Having a reach point in his life where he wanted to spend more time with his young family. While still making enough money to have good life he decided he needed to find another venue of cash flow.

He began self-educating himself on the best ways to invest in property this started with reading an abundance of books and watching videos on YouTube. Which in time led him to across Samuel. He also took it upon himself to find other successful property investors and ask them directly what steps they took to achieve success.

Chris was on his he began to build his portfolio slowly and did some results but he wanted more and almost a year after being introduced to Samuel he finally attended his first crash course. He will admit before attending he was a slight skeptic of Samuel but by the end of the two-day property investors crash course, he was blown away.

The information gained gave him the impetus to push himself and his portfolio to the next level. Currently, Chris has 7 Rent to Rent properties with a further 2 being converted. He is also about to close on a 10 bedroom HMO that will see him net between 1200-1300 per month.

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