Grace Anastasia

Grace Anastasia

Grace Anastasia is a motivational and self-help influencer who uses social media for good. She came along to the free Crash Course in order to get her property investment knowledge up to scratch. If you would like to follow in Grace's footsteps, you can sign up to the crash course here. On this episode of the podcast, you'll gain a fresh insight into her story and you might just take away some real golden nuggets.

Grace bought her first home at age 26. She realised not many people have done that in their early-to-mid twenties. That's why she started putting out content on YouTube to educate others on the process. She also teaches people how to save money, what to buy, and she goes into real detail. Grace touches on the pros and cons of things which her subscribers love.


How to win on YouTube

In this episode, Samuel talks to her about executing when it comes to content. He is decisive and loves to publish things quickly but Amelia, his co-host, is more of a perfectionist. In terms of monetising, Grace has been approached by brands for sponsorship but she is super particular and picky. Sometimes she does work with businesses which align with her ethos and that becomes a new revenue stream.

Another important thing is consistency. Grace realises that when she is more consistent with her content, the growth of her channel starts booming. All three of our YouTubers on this episode agree that this is vital. Samuel started doing videos around 5 years ago on his mobile phone, so it just goes to show you can start with almost nothing. Now he has a full-time videography team and is quite hands-off, besides being on the screen.


This is an extremely insightful video if you are interested in content marketing, YouTube and property.

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