Solicitor Quits Job to Achieve her Dreams through Property | Winners on a Wednesday #37

Hannah Mills joins Samuel Leeds for episode #37 of Winners on a Wednesday. Hannah may be familiar to viewers as she is one of a finalist on The Eviction.

Her presence on the show was very strong and she gained a reputation as a true competitor. She didn’t lose a single challenge throughout the contest. Hannah didn’t have much interest in property. She was working as a solicitor full time in property litigation. Here she was exposed to property but initially thought that to invest in property it would take a lot of money which she didn’t have.

A family scare involving her family was a massive wake up call to her, she decided that life is way too short and took a risk. This risk resulted in quitting her job and taking the leap of faith into property. She came across Samuel due to a Facebook Ad she saw. From this exposure she began to watch Samuel’s videos and made the choice to quit her job and threw herself into property.

At the time of quitting her job she didn't have a lot money so it was all or nothing within property. She had to work three months notice and wanted to be earning a profit before her notice period ended.

After joining the academy in February she immediately set up a service accommodation and had three properties in Cambridge. She continued to chase more deals and along with Rent to SA strategy she started to enter sourcing. Here she would find deals and instead of selling them to investors she would sell them other sourcer for a lower fee with half the stress and hassle. In turn allowing her to fully focus on her main investments.

Hannah has seen her property portfolio grow after the success of the eviction. She has started a joint venture with a few of the other participants James, Anthony, and John. The opportunities that being on the show has afforded her has created a great networking circle. She also has become invested in another JV where the investor, not Hannah has paid for the refurbishment and the management of the property. Hannah will claim a profit share of the property but will largely be a hands-off role. Which is perfect for her and gives her the time to invest in other areas.

Following your gut and doing what you feel has worked best for Hannah. A year ago she was in a job that she didn’t seem to give her much joy or freedom. Fast forward a few months she is happier than ever. Freedom has allowed being more adventurous to spend time with her family while still making a great income from her investment.

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