How Amanda Feels About Samuel’s Financial Freedom Challenges?

Samuel Leeds

How Amanda Feels About Samuel’s Financial Freedom Challenges?

Hello everyone. Welcome to our channel and our show which is the Samuel and Amanda Show. We will be answering your questions and some interesting points that will help you in your property business. We will be talking about freedom challenges, relationship advice. I have got some big news for my wife. I have posted seven videos last week and two videos have gone popular in which Amanda was present. After listening to this news she became so happy. One of them was a Mercedes video. I asked her how her week went. She with lots of excitement shared that her week was amazing as she got her new electric car so she enjoyed the whole week driving it. She loved her first long journey in it and the charger charges the car super fast which is a great thing. She does not want to move back to a petrol or diesel car anymore. She finds my Range Rover heavier as compared to her Mercedes. Amanda also suggested to everyone that if you haven’t seen her Mercedes video then do watch it.  


She also shared other activities of the week which she said she was busy filming winners on Wednesday and loved meeting them. She appreciates everyone’s effort especially Ashley and Ellen who achieved a lot in a short span. They came from Abu Dhabi and they joined my crash course back in December and it was a lockdown time but then I told them to meet me in person and now they have become financially free and never gone back to Abu Dhabi. They canceled their tickets and started making money here. 

Let’s move on to the next point and see how Amanda feels about my financial freedom challenges.


Amanda’s Impression

Upon asking how Amanda feels being a wife, homemaker and a mother to her children, lots of people came to the house for the interview with me. She said she loves to have them and she always makes sure to make them feel comfortable because sometimes people are a bit nervous so it’s better to be kind and treat them humbly. She enjoys it and stays quite calm. 

Question/Answer Session

We have got many questions so let’s see what you people have asked us.

Someone asked what path to opt after getting education and he aspires to be like us but to your knowledge man we are very different from each other. Anyways he is always inspired to see Amanda thriving in property as a first generation immigrant as she moved from zimbabwe. He was asking to give him some immigrant advice as he had never been anywhere after his school so he wanted to know his path. Amanda said, it all depends what he wants to do like which career he wants to adopt like a doctor, engineer, architecture or whatever it depends on his interest, if he wants to do a property then she advised him to join the property crash course. What I suggested was you have to be around people you want to become like so it helps you to absorb those things and implement them. Like if you want to become a doctor, make friends who are doctors and observe what they do, how they work, how much they are paid and see how much they are satisfied and happy with their job then work accordingly. I want to be a builder so I went to a building site and worked there for six weeks. Then I realized this is not my cup of tea, this is not what I wanted to do and then I came into property which is meant for me. So, this is how you see yourself where you want to go. We told that person that we are available on our Instagram, if you need any help you can approach us there. 


Coming to the next question, Sander Typseen asked us if we have ever thought of leaving the UK for a better climate as he has the same taste as us. He said he loved palm trees to which I agreed because I loved palm trees and white houses as it gives a feel of vacations. Amanda we once thought of it which I don’t remember but she said it was Barcelona which we love but I think we never thought of moving there but yeah, for some time you can say. Amnada shared that in her childhood she wanted to live in America but after visiting it, her thoughts have changed and now she does not want to live there and also not to raise her children there because she does not want her children to be allowed to have guns. But what I believe is, guns are allowed in America to protect yourself against the state. But she is being protective for her children that it might cause any accident. Anyways, Amanda asked me if I loved to live anywhere so here is my answer, I love England and its climate. It has all four climates: hot summer, beautiful spring, amazing autumn and lovely winter. I like everything about England, its people, culture, opportunities but if given the choice to move I think maybe move to Zimbabwe. I asked Amanda if she would like to move to Zimbabwe, to which she said not permanently but for a time being yeah why not. 


Caribbean Curls asked us, if we get stressed out while dealing with property and all the updates and changes. Well, when you are in some business so you are aware of many things coming in your way like I know when there is something coming regarding changes or updates. All you need to do is be patient because sometimes some changes bring opportunities as well. So, I won’t get stressed about it. For Amanda, she said, the paperwork and administration stuff annoys her however she agreed on my point about knowing the changes.

The last question asked by Don Kings, he asked about our relationship and how we managed specially during Covid times when so many couples including high profiles broke up. Well I would say always choose a right partner for yourself to whom you are compatible with. 

Secondly, put each other first place over other things specially when Covid hit so many couples realized that they are not for each other and they are forced to live together. So, give time to understand each other rather than releasing later and regretting it. If you have any argument then don’t try to win it instead make it easy for both and try to get out of this or else it will destroy your relationship. Amanda also expressed her opinion saying that communication is very important in a relationship. Speak up about the things that are disturbing you and try to find out the solution with your partner. I added that whenever there is something your partner does which you don’t like, do not say it in a rude manner but get an appropriate way to tell him/her. Like me and Amanda, if we don’t like something then we don’t say it directly but we wait for sometime and say it in a reasonable way so it won’t hurt and don’t lead to any argument. Amanda sometimes writes me a letter explaining my mistakes and all. I think this is a fine way. Enjoy your relationship and don’t take things too seriously. Lastly, Amanda said, do not try to change your partner because no one is perfect so accept them who they are. Respect them. 


Financial Freedom Challenges


First time when I was going to do the financial freedom challenge, I told Amanda that I am going and it might take three to six months or maybe more than that. Her reaction was not welcoming because she was upset as we have a little baby and she was thinking about how much time she will get to see me. But I finished my challenge within a week and she was so surprised and happy to see me so early. And then whenever I go for it, she knows how much time it will take for me to come back home. It was always a pressure on me as I don’t go with preparation, everything happens on spot you see on camera. While Amanda is a planner, she works with all preparation. 


Would you people like to do a financial freedom challenge with me? If yes, then I will come to your house, spend a week with you to work on property. I have already done it with so many people and would love to do it with more people. It’s really great to do, when you have lots of pressure, short span of time to achieve, so it’s like a game or goal where you are thriving to obtain it. I had David, Lawton and Evan who I helped them to become financially free and I asked Amanda who do you think deserve to be financially free. She said, all of them as I will be announcing it in the next week or after ten days. I will make my decision on 25th of August, you can also comment and tell me who deserves to be the winner of the financial freedom challenge. I will be doing live streaming from my Youtube channel.

Wrap Up!

The final words of wisdom from Amanda was to invest in yourself to get the best outcome. People who are doing the financial freedom challenge with me, David, Evan and Lawton, are really putting their efforts as I have invested my time in them and now they all deserve to be the winner as they are doing amazing. Give time to yourself, whether it is related to education, well-being or whatever invest in yourself to become a better person. She is absolutely right, be your back and believe in yourself. 

Hope you enjoyed the podcast, we love you all. If you have any questions, comment below and let us know. Don’t forget to like my video and subscribe to my Youtube channel. Take care everyone, see you next time, bye!

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