How do I do the Financial Freedom Challenge in just 1 WEEK! | Q&A WITH SMAUEL LEEDS

Samuel Leeds

How do I do the Financial Freedom Challenge in just 1 WEEK! | Q&A WITH SMAUEL LEEDS


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Question: Hi Samuel. I have heard surveyors for lenders are not coming out to see properties and only doing basic desktop valuations due to the pandemic. I am concerned that this will lead to an undervaluation of my BRR project. Please could you advise. PS. You're awesome!

Question: Hi Samuel , as it is difficult and time consuming to find bmv deals in which you would adopt the BRR strategy; is it possible to successfully implement BRR when buying at market value and still driving value up or is this too risky ie chances of pulling most of your money out are low. If you can still do it what work would you do to an average house to drive up the value when bought at market value?

Question: Hi Samuel, I want to get into Rent2rent HMOs but have very little money. Is it possible to get a property that is already fully furnished by landlord so I don't have to fork out much money and I can just start earning from day one? I realize that the rent might be a little bit higher to compensate for this additional help from the landlord.

Question: Will Samuel Leeds make a group to go and hunt down the Samuel Leeds haters?

Question: how on earth do you make someone financially free in a week when soliciters take four months and still waiting after buying and selling a property in one day? even the estate agents are wondering why taking so long.

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