How has this couple crushed the Welsh property market?

Let us introduce you to Mr and Mrs Hutchby, two people who came together and started to build an empire through smart property deals. We love celebrating people who learn from our experts and turn the advice into action – hopefully it inspires you (yes YOU!) to get up, get out and get into the game.

These guys sat down with Samuel Leeds and gave a lot of interesting information about their journey so far as well as the do's and don't's. It's fascinating! They are particularly focused on serviced accommodation. How much do you know about running a serviced accommodation portfolio? How do you get started? What's the most important task? You can find out by watching this video.

One of the key takeaways from this conversation was that they recommended people find partners to go into business with. The couple strongly advised solo-entrepreneurs to find another person with different skills so that you work like a well-oiled multi-faceted machine.


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