How I Became A Millionaire In Property and in Business by Ryan Rieder | Winners on a Wednesday #46

Today’s winners on Wednesday sees Samuel interview, not one of his students but someone who through the opportunity of property has created a wealth of success for himself.

Introducing Ryan Rieder. A South African born business man who at the age of 18 was bankrupt twice living in a garage. Having lived in England for 11 years Ryan has been able to build not only financial freedom for himself but also for his family.

His goal wants to this freedom stretch generations making sure his kid's kids will be set for life. Making sure they will not have to live with the harsh retaliates that Ryan experienced growing up. Ryan’s professional career started when he became a qualified Chiropractor. Following the teaching of the great Robert Kiyosaki, he realized that earning a passive income was something that he could achieve.

Over the years he grew and developed his chiropractor business which resulted in him earning £5m a year profit. Still chasing the thrill of business and property Ryan began investing in property. Leading him into building a rent 2 rent empire creating a yearly net profit of £60,000 per year.

His strategy for his rent to rents isn’t a high volume of properties but being situated in a profitable areas such as South Wimbledon. Where he is able to command rents of £1,000.

Ryan also has invested in a property in Brighton. He purchased it for £500,000 and brings in £1,800 each month net profit.

The main reason for Ryan relentless business drive is to make sure that his family will always be secure working for them is his biggest why.

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