How I Bought My FIRST HOUSE at 17 | Samuel Leeds

Just before my 18th birthday I bought my first property by using NO cash of my own! I was not born with a silver spoon in my mouth, but from a reasonably working class background and nobody gave me a penny. There has been a range of people in the property world and also individuals I have trained, who have not used their own money to invest.


I usually hear people say that I had lots of money when I was younger, or it does not count because my parents helped you in beginning. To this I like to remind people that no-one is self made, so whilst no-one gave me any money, I did rely on 3 people heavily to secure my first deal.


  1. A family member who did not give me any money, but let me buy a property in their name.
  2. My mentor who told me exactly what to do.
  3. My mortgage broker.

Now, I’ll let you in on my first ever property deal…


There was a property on the market valued at 100k and I bought it below market value (BMV) at 80k in cash because my mortgage company gave me a bridging loan. I then refinanced the property back up to it’s true value of 100k, poured out 80k to which I paid the lender back by using none of my own money and relying on 3 people. Some people will say “Samuel, you did not buy a house, the banks owned it!” Yes the banks owned it, true. However, who benefits from the rent and capital appreciation? ME! The mortgage repayments were £166 p.c.m, so I rented put the property as a HMO room by room which garnered an impressive £1,400 p.c.m


The moral of the story remains the same…


  1. Do not let anyone tell you it is too good to be true because there are a lot of impressive things happening right now and successful people will never say it.
  2. Do not be afraid to ask for help and depend on people.
  3. Take action and educate yourself!


The market has changed since I first started investing 10 years ago so I do structure my deals a little differently now, but this is exactly how I got my first deal and you can still buy, add value and refinance in today's market.


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