How to be a healthy entrepreneur

How to be a healthy entrepreneur

If you are asking yourself how to be a healthy entrepreneur, you are on the right tracks already. Being successful in business means nothing if your life is curtailed by poor health. It's important to get your health in check so that you can go about your business with confidence, knowing you are in good shape. Also, a fit, healthy person is more likely to be motivated, disciplined and productive. These are all great ingredients for entrepreneurship.

In this episode of the Samuel Leeds podcast, you get to hear from Marvin Ambrosius. Marvin is Samuel's full time personal trainer. He has swooped in and placed the property legend on a regime which is transforming his life. Previously, our resident property entrepreneur never saw exercise as something exciting or worthwhile. He was never able to commit to any plan to reshape himself into a healthier person.

One of the biggest obstacles for achieving a positive bill of health is commitment. The best way to overcome this hurdle is by having somebody around who will hold you accountable. Accountability is absolutely key because it will prevent you from being lenient to yourself and giving up. Those mornings and evening when you feel like caving in are pivotal. Having an accountability partner will help you in the same way Marvin is assisting Samuel.

Whatever your goals might be for 2020, you need to put health in there too. You could have targets within property to have rent to rent deals or serviced accommodation properties. In addition to those, you must try to fit in some achievable health and fitness objectives. There are so many tips and hints packed into this episode of the podcast, makes sure you take it all in and share it with someone else who might benefit too.

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