How To Find a Patch for BRRR Properties | Q AND A SUNDAY

Samuel Leeds

How To Find a Patch for BRRR Properties | Q AND A SUNDAY

Every week I answer your property related questions….

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Question 1: Muyiwa Miles Somefun

Hi Samuel, I’m about to get my first R2R and it’s a 5 bed house and doesn’t have a HMO licence, when I apply for the HMO licence how quick will I be able to move tenants into the property. Assuming I’ve already sorted out fire doors etc.

Question 2:  Svetlana Carter

Hi Samuel thank you for the videos you put out every day, do you know what's the best way to increase the credit score, and how important is in in getting a mortgage, thank you

Question 3: Matt

I have 300k cash to invest in property. So I'm relatively cash rich. Unfortunately I also have a poorly paid day job that pays 20k a year. How can I get buy to let mortgages as most want a job that pays at least 25k…? Thanks Samuel

Question 4: CAVE MAN

Is it harder to get a multi let mortgage for a first time buyer at 21 years old?

Question5:  Thanjila Jannat

Hey samuel.My question is, do u arrange for a viewing first and then discuss Rent to rent/ LOA once you get there? or should u discuss it before.

Question 6: Burning Desire Should we wait until property prices start to go down again or pay excessive prices right now like 95k instead of 80k on a 2 bed terrace down north

Question 7: Shahid Hussain

How do you find good tenants?

Question 8:  Gonzalo Z

Thanks for answering Samuel. Would I need a HMO license if I rent a house(3bed), live in one room and rent out others?

Question 9: – Glam Azone

How to find a patch for brrr strategy? I live in London everything is ridiculously expensive.

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