How To Get A Free House! Lease Option Agreements Explained

Samuel Leeds

How To Get A Free House! Lease Option Agreements Explained

Hello everyone! I am Samuel Leeds, a property guide from the UK. Today in this video, I will explain the Lease agreement options and how to get a free house in the real world. I will be sharing my story with you, which will help you understand how the lease option agreement helped me accomplish my goals. It is a long journey that needs to be highlighted here. Different strategies are being used these days, which might make buying things easier for you. Let's go through the lease option agreement and how it helps in the long run!

What is a Lease Option Agreement?

The lease option agreement is when you buy a property now, but you pay for it later. This is the best available option for purchasing the lands, residential houses, commercial houses. Many people have been contacting us to deliver lease option boot camps. There could be lease options agreements on businesses and partnerships or all kinds of stuff when you grasp this concept. This is a worldwide way of doing things that must be understood in detail. The primary benefit of buy now and pay later is that the poor people get encouraged to buy now and pay later on liabilities. This seems to be a great option as the media or adverts urge them to buy things they can't afford. With this option, they can buy a sofa of their need and opt for paying later. 


Now, this might sound like a stupid thing to do, but it is not. This is a positive thing to do with your money. As you keep your cash in hand, you could hold it for days, but in the end, it will only depreciate. Money shrinks over time, so if you will pay later, it is a good option. It is not at all bad. Now the question is: Is the value of the sofa going to go up or down? It will go down no matter what unless I sit on it. I was kidding! The value of the sofa will go down; the sofa will eventually break and deteriorate with time.

What other things does the Media encourage to buy?

Can you think of the other things that the media and adverts would encourage you to buy now and pay later? Think! One perfect example is that of cars! How is this possible? What could be done? There are options like personal contract hire for vehicles which helps in the lease process. How does it work? It goes like you have to deposit a small amount and then keep on paying a small amount monthly for about five years. After that, they will give you an option. What kind of option? They would ask you to pay a balloon payment, as they call it. You will have a clear idea if you have purchased a car by the lease process. In the end, they will give you an option to either keep the car and walk away, or you can trade it with a new one. The choice is yours!

When car sales are considered, the value of the car will also go down. There is no second thought about it. The value of the car always goes down. Does it sound stupid to you? Does it seem senseless? No! Then why are people being asked to be careful when it is about the property?

Other Possibilities for Lease Option Agreement

When the property is being considered for the lease option, people become curious and hesitant. They do not prefer purchasing the property on lease. They don't conceive it; they do not understand the ease and benefits of this strategy. Once you conceive it for you, then you will receive it for yourself. 


Apart from property, you can also opt for the buy now and pay later for the holidays. You can go to Croatia or Barbados this summer, and you can pay for it next summer. Why do travel agents advertise as such? Why do they push you to buy by this Friday or some other date? Why are they offering you such benefits? It is because they want to make things accessible for you and everyone! When you have less money, items become accessible and popular for everyone. As people can't afford to pay the whole amount in one go, the marketers and advertisers have come up with this strategy to make holidays possible for all. 

Guess what I have done? 

I did the same thing for houses. At the age of 17, I wanted to buy a property of my own, but I couldn't afford it. So I started digging into how to put together a strategy where I can buy the house now and pay for it later. I wanted to own a place where I feel that I have got the keys in hand. That's the truth! When I was 19 years old, I spent around 18 months getting my own house. When I received my first thousand, I bought my house. It was through a lease option agreement, but it was a horrible one!

Would you like to get a Free House? 

The lease option agreement I got was the worst of all available options at 17 in 2008. I was desperate to buy the house, so I did everything I could. Now I would be sharing the strategy I came up with and others who used to offer different courses and earn lots of money. There were various courses and different training providers who have now gone due to the recession. What they all were teaching was to buy a house that is for 120. You will directly negotiate to purchase it at 100 that is below market value on a bridging loan. You can now raise the money to 400 the same day you bought it. You can refinance the cash and back it up so that the mortgage value goes to 80, and you can then pay back the angel investors in the bridging. In this way, you will get a free house for yourself!


Wrap up!

This was all achieved without any teachings. It was a game of our minds. This is more or less the same strategy being used these days. Now there is no need to buy it cheap and then refinance it, but you can buy it cheap, add a few things to the property and sell it at a higher value. This is what the actual strategy looks like nowadays! That’s all for now! Don’t forget to subscribe to my Youtube channel! See you soon!

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