How To Get Money From The Bank!

Samuel Leeds

How To Get Money From The Bank!

Hi. I am Samuel Leeds and today I will discuss how to get money from the bank. Here I am actually talking about getting a loan which many people don’t know how it works. So you don’t need to worry, in this video I will guide you and if you find this helpful then hit the bell icon for more informational stuff. So let’s proceed. 


The first most important thing is to analyze your goal of getting a loan whether you are taking it for your home, business or personal loan or any investment loan for your new home, you need to look at the perspective of the bank or you can say a lender perspective. Loan itself possesses the power and if you want to be a high net worth individual then this equally requires you to be a high debt worth individual as well in which you should know how to utilize a bank's money efficiently which is not yours money.


Here I will talk about all types of loans to clear your vision. So let’s discuss a personal loan which you borrow from the bank for your personal need like for a wedding, to buy a car or for anything but the bank first will verify if you are capable or can afford to pay back the money otherwise it won’t entertain you. But the strange thing is if you are going to ask for the investment purpose they will deny the loan because for investment you need to. 


What I think that why don’t they give is because of the responsibilities an individual has. Like he has a job and running the house, children expenses so how will he save the amount from his income? Or the society we live in wants people to be in bad debt because they have to rely on their jobs. But it is just my opinion not necessarily it is the actual reason. 


Seeing from the perspective of a lender, if you want a personal loan but if you don’t have any job and not even a good credit that means you cannot return the money as you don’t own anything which is already clear to the lender then he won’t give you the money. It is obvious that if you own a home, you have a job and other assets then they will take no seconds to lend you money. I don’t prefer to have a personal loan because in my opinion one doesn't have to approach things that cannot be affordable. 


There is a different kind of debt which is residential mortgage and is almost the same as getting the loan for your house and at some point you have to pay back the money because the mortgage is also a loan. The bank will ask in depth all your details before giving out a residential mortgage because they want to see if you can afford to pay back or not.


They will ask about your salary, your living expenses, your assets, how many dependable you have or if any then verify each and everything because if you are buying house and can’t pay the mortgage then this surely be not good so they will take off the house but they don’t let this situation come that’s why they go through many procedures before giving it.

Every time you go to the bank they create a scenario to convince you to get a loan and this mostly attracts you that you have got a decent income and you will have better spending once you get a loan but what they do is increase or charge the high interest. This puts you in the cat race for which you have to work harder or sometimes two jobs at a moment.

Samuel Leeds


Now come to the business loan which is also not as easy to be given by the bank. Because once you go and ask for a loan like for a business startup and you will begin to pay once your business starts running. Bank will go through the business and see what kind of business you’re going to start and will it be able to pay back money or not? So the business should have some power that shows it can afford to return the money. 


I suggest you go for bounce back loans which is also a business but its interest is almost nothing. I have taken a bounce back loan and it’s for a business purpose, you can’t use it for any other reason. 


This is where it takes you to the different side of the bank loan where you can invest in the assets and will be beneficial for you. Like borrowing money for property investment has long and different criteria but this way you can invest for a company setup and get back your money as a good return. So just think big and don’t underestimate yourself for not having a job, or being too young to invest or old enough or anything. 


Think from the lender's perspective, they don’t care about you but the money you will pay back to them is their only concern so think to buy as an investment purpose.


You can borrow millions and millions but what it will bring for you, it should not be a personal debt but it is for the investment debt which is a good debt. You can let mortgages when you have decent income and if you own a residential property then it will be a plus point for you. I do have worth pounds of debts which is all good debt and today I clarified about getting money from the bank. Hope you find this video helpful. For any query you can comment below and don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube Channel for more videos. 

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