How to Get on The Property Ladder with £5,000

Samuel Leeds

How to Get on The Property Ladder with £5,000.

0:49 I’m looking to get into property, before I do my first deal should I create an LTD or do it under my personal name?

1:55 I and my wife are 21y.o looking to get on the property ladder asap we have 5k saved atm what would you recommend to get on the ladder fast?

3:21 Agree with your comms with WolverhamptonCC, I did the same this year! Emailed BrumCC and they asked me to prove I was refurbishing the property according with HMO policies even if I was not able to meet the deadline… (i.e. I got quotes from vendors just to cover as COVID came in and we did not get the property on time). Sadly HMO mortgage did not go ahead, and I think we had to give up 🙁

4:54 Can u plz go through every way to buy a property, how to refinance and how to buy development land? Th

6:59 Can you please address your thoughts on the average age people buy their first house in the UK which is 34? I'm 15 and want to get into property as soon as I can (when I'm 18), is this possible???

8:22 Can you turn LOA into an HMO and if so what are the regulations around that?

8:46 Can you explain more about section 24 tax?

9:54 Can you get a personal loan and use it to buy a house within a limited company?

10:53 Where is the best place to get investors for JV £60-70K? (Apart from you on December 12)

10:55 How much should I set aside to furnish a HMO? I'm looking at around 3 bed currently and want to factor in furnishing so I don't screw myself over.

12:37 Are you only buying houses in city centers? Would a HMO work if it's let's say 10-15 mins away from the center?

13:25 How do you get a mortgage on your first property investment if it’s an HMO? It appears lenders want landlord experience?

14:16 Another YouTuber said that investors shouldn't do too many BRRR deals as you might find yourself too highly leveraged. Would you be able to explain what this means and what are the dangers of being too highly leveraged?

16:18 When viewing houses and making offers how do you work out how much the refurb of a house might cost? As a newbie should I always have a builder come out on viewings or is there a formula that you use to come up with a rough figure for refurb costs?

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