How to Invest in Property With Just £1.00?

Samuel Leeds

How to Invest in Property With Just £1.00?

Hi there,

I'm Samuel Leeds and today I wanted to invite you to a COMPLETELY FREE Lease Option Training Session.

We will be teaching you how to Buy, Secure and Find properties and instead of having to save up and put down a big deposit down on a house, we will show you how to do it with an agreement with a  £1 option fee.

The catch is of course you are going to have to pay legal fees.

The reason people want to buy properties are :

Number 1: They want to get rent. ( It gives you cash flow every single month)

Number 2: They go up in value over time. (Historically houses double in value every 10 years)


Now here's the thing, how much is it going to cost you to buy a house?

You will need roughly a 25% deposit, Stamp duty fees and legal fees, so you are talking at a minimum £30k. This is assuming you buy a really cheap house and it's all for £300 profit on rent a month. This isn't bad but how long is it going to take to save for the deposit. Unless you are going to save for years and years, where is this money going to come from? If this is how you plan to buy a property then the question is, this is just for one property-  how are you going to grow your portfolio?

This is the main reason people stop growing their property portfolios is because they run out of money to keep buying the houses.

How do people become self-made successful property investors when they haven't won the lottery or been inherited loads of money?


You can do Lease Options on small houses, big houses, pieces of land and you can get about as creative as you want.

So how does a Lease Option work?

It's very simple, you buy a house now but agree to pay for it later.

So if this seems like it might be too good to be true then join me soon at the Lease Option 101 and find out more.

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