How to Maximise the Valuation Following a Refurb for a BRR?

How to Maximise the Valuation Following a Refurb for a BRR?


00:36 If a house has 4 bedrooms + 2 reception rooms , can i make one into another bedroom by just adding a bed and selling it as a 5 bed house?. any plannng permisions for this ? was wondering cause in an area i found 4 bedroom + 2 receptions rooms selling about 25k cheaper than a 5 bedroom + 1 reception room . surely it cant be this easy ?

02:20 Would you still be able to find success/profit in the rent 2 rent method now (during the pandemic)

03:19 I want to get the money out of my property I own outright 145k I want to use as much of this to invest in property, what would you do?


04:05 We have 4 property at moment, two of them bought and paid deposits by remortgage previous properties, I want to ask if I am going to keep doing this , keep buying , keep re Morgage get capital out to pay deposits , what’s the risk for this? Is this safe way to move forward?

06:38 How do include the interest of a bridging loan on a brr strategy?

07:15 Is there anything we can do to help the lender's surveyor, when visiting the property to maximise the value following a refurb for a BRR?

08:32 Me and my twin bro bought our first residential house 2 years ago , in that 2 years time we saved up 60 k to invest again in property.. if you was in our shoes what would you rather do ? take one name off current mortgage and just buy second residential home , do it up pull some money and rent it out Or start own company and focus on buy to lets?

09:46 What do you think about Liverpool for investment and do you have any good deal source company you can recommend ?

10:52 What do you think will happen if you teach too many people to get into this industry and make money from deal sourcing/ r2r/ brrr? what would your advice be to differ from the crowd who are doing what you teach?

12:39 Hi, I am looking at getting started with deal sourcing and have already began speaking to a few investors about what they want and how I can help. My first few viewings are already booked but I was wanting to know how best to evaluate a renovation cost with as I have not had much experience refurbishing (yet)?

13:49 What type of properties are suitable for a joint venture?

14:07 Hi Samuel if I was to do a lease option agreement on a property and turned it into a HMO and rented it out in an up coming article 4 area, would I have the grandfather rights to the property as a HMO once I have come to the end of the lease option? Or would it have to go back as a single let?

14:29 Can I refinance my first and only rental property (one which was purchased in my own name) after successful gains, and then use the released equity to then put a deposit down on another rental property, but this time through my new limited company in the form of a directors loan?

15:27 My question for you is: after using software like dealsourcr I've found several properties that I think would work well as LOA, however, how do I get in contact with the owners and not have to try and get an agent to pass on the LOA offer?

15:49 You make it sound awesome…..but my issue is how to find the right property in the first place. I live in Bham and the only properties I can find for 100k are terrible and there is zero way of doing them up and making it worth 200k. Zilch. So how do we do that in the first place?

16:57 I was quite skeptical at first, mainly due to warnings from my family and friends but from what I saw, the crash course was really eye-opening and I can't wait to see the next one in full (or a recording of the last one if it exists?). I am only 19 and currently live with my parents and probably will for the next year. What can I do to play the game smart and maximise my investment money whilst also being employed full time? It will take me a few years before I can start earning a moderate income but I would rather start sooner than later. Is it worth waiting or getting stuck in as soon as possible? (sorry for the long-ass comment)


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