How to raise £400K in half an hour

Some of you will already be familiar with John Raybould; he's a product of our Crash Course and Academy. John faced a dilemma – “Should I go to university?”. He was already enrolled in his course but he was finding himself distracted by the potential of the property world. If you find yourself asking ‘Should I go to university?', this video will help you get some insight. John decided to start his business at the same time as his studies but has admitted, if given the choice he would probably have decided to not go to university. If you find yourself asking ‘Should I go to university?', think about what your passion is – if it's success then there might be a cheaper, faster, simpler route.

John arrived at the Crash Course in January 2018, aged 21. He had nothing to his name but student debt and the crumbs of a student loan. After attending and finding money to pay for the Academy, John became financially free within 6 months. He has grown massively – he's learned the highs and the lows of being in property but most importantly, he's overcome all his obstacles. John says mindset is the key to getting over hurdles in life, whether they are nuisance tenants or university coursework deadlines. He told Samuel that it was his drive to stay positive and continue pushing which has helped him achieve amazing things in such a short space of time.

At the Academy, working closely with Samuel, John received excellent training. He learned how to sell, how to speak and how to raise money. That's how he managed to raise a massive £400K in just 30 minutes. It takes a commitment to achieve greatness and if you ask John, as Samuel did in this video you're about to watch, he would tell you that it was the most ROI-positive thing he has ever done. John knows he will never have to work for somebody else, he will always be his own boss thanks to property.

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